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No, they don't! in battleground states too!!!! its crazy, they literally are not even trying.

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Trump honestly came out and rewrote the stance republicans are taking. Its honestly incredible, just because he ran as a republican, now issues republicans normally wouldnt take are all of a sudden republican issues. Trump is at heart a populist though, and that very much explains why Biden is now trying to run off of Trumps platform.

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You have to understand that very soon its going to be ok to vote a white male into office as long as they like taking cock in their ass.

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I 100% agree with you. Honestly from everything I've seen, and I obsessively watch everything he does, he's fucked if he does this debate. But he's also fucked if he doesn't do them. So the question becomes... what is going to be less destructive to his campaign? Both options are potentially equally destructive, but with actually doing the debate there is a slight chance he won't be a bumbling retard (won't happen). They have to roll the dice on this one if you ask me and boy do I hope they do.

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yeah, I subscribe to blaze tv, and his coverage is the closest thing you are going to find of the whole thing but he just talks so much throughout it.

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