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I'm not sure how rTrump does it. But that sub labels the shills almost instantly with a TDS label

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 5 points ago

My place of employment has gone full retard as well. I'm a waiter. That's all I'll say. Anyway, my first table yesterday was a group of really nice senior couples. One of the gentleman asked me straight up. "You aren't falling for any of this bullshit are ya"? It was a pleasant surprise

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 14 points ago

Go to play store. 1 star review. And tell that commie website exactly how you feel.

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 10 points ago

This☝️☝️☝️ A shit ton of Redpills dispensed daily to kids with commie parents

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Trump's should create a movie/television studio and call it Trump Development Studios

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 2 points ago

Same. That circle jerk shill website was exhausting.

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How do I post as well?

Freeeeeeeeedom [S] 3 points ago

I love this!!! I haven't been on Reddit all day!!! The Donald was my home? Question, how do I post?