FreeSpeech [S] 5 points ago

The plan is that they'll try to blame shutdowns and the virus itself on Trump to try to win the election. Especially since the economy is has been stellar. That would be my guess.

FreeSpeech [S] 1 point ago

It's weird, my fellow pedes. You'd think they would have learned from the last time Bernie got fucked by the DNC and the media. Yet when the media trashed Trump they chose to believe it even though that's the same media who trashed Bernie.

FreeSpeech [S] 11 points ago

Not only the media but the Republicans as well. That was what woke me up. I was a fan of Ron and the corruption locally and nationally was as blatant as when the Democrats fucked Bernie.

FreeSpeech [S] 0 points ago

Let everyone come as long as they conform to the rules. We have to show them what's really going on outside of media propaganda.

FreeSpeech [S] 2 points ago

For a second I thought that was Troy Aikman