Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 7 points ago

Don't be a cutie pie. Next question.

Today it looked like it was Fox News / Controlled Opposition's turn to ask that question, albeit in a nicer tone than the other day.

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 2 points ago

It's almost as if Fake News can't survive when the economy is shut down either. Yet they cheerlead its indefinite continuation.

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 10 points ago

Can't wait for that salt thread!

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 11 points ago

The work and production quality that went into this deserve a sticky! Well done!

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 25 points ago

This gave me an idea for a meme: GET TO THE CHOPPER pepe

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 27 points ago

That's the exciting part. We get to prove out all of what we've been saying for years.

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It's so good to have it back. I used to click on it to refresh, but after the quarantine it took you back to the front page.

I never went anywhere else on reddit anyway, so I don't need it.

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You could say that, but that might be a bridge too far.

Free-Ninety-Nine [S] 6 points ago
  • They weren't suppressing our uptrumps (they were).

This is my first .win post. I love freedom, so I'm so happy to be part of our declaration of independence.