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I’ve been waiting for the tiger king memes.

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It worked for my brother-in-law. He was treated and released before the CDC confirmed his test was positive. Only took 3 days of these meds for him to be well enough to be released from the hospital. It’s crazy that the test from CDC took 5 days.

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I regret that I have but one updoot to give.

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Nice work. Glad you figured it out. Welcome to the Trump Train!!

FredWinston2.0 [S] 3 points ago *

Think about it this way. If Doug Collins can win that seat he will do it during the next cycle. If he gets appointed and can’t hold the seat we have lost. Maybe this chick that Kemp is appointing will MAGA. If not we can throw her out during the next election. I think it may be a good strategic move by Kemp. I don’t think Kemp is an idiot and certainly don’t think he is a swamp rat.

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How can you screw with their polls if you don’t have a Twitter account? You also can’t find and post the absurd shit liberals say without an account to follow the dumbest of the dumb libs.

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Wow! Great work. I’m almost tired of winning.....almost

FredWinston2.0 [S] 11 points ago

Yep. My support is rising as we speak.

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