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Leaders of Hitler's Brown Shirts (SA) got the same treatment (night of the long knives).

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Same here. I tune in again from time to time, but it's generally disappointing.

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He's just a kid. The evil people are the ones who have fed him lies since birth.

Also, that poor bus driver likely just ruined his own life by committing and Agggravated Battery.

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This judge is savaging his reputation over this case. Lawyers are always taught, no one case, or one client, is worth your reputation and credibility. Absolutely bizarre.

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Amicus briefs in criminal cases are wildly unusual. And the judge relied on that to deny amicus briefs multiple times through the life of the case. He can't think his move would have survived appeal. He's likely compromised.


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Video has already been deleted. The censorship keeps moving quicker.

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Not a great sign. The two parties concerned (DOJ and Flynn) are both in agreement. This is not a matter of public policy, so no one else's opinion should matter.

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Devil's advocate: Waiting for a judicially released doc dump to educate they public on WHY he is dropping it, helps preserve his credibility, makes the move hard to criticize, and bolsters the credibility of the indictments to come.

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Well, if they wanted to own him, I doubt they would have released this photo, it is politically fatal, no career left for his owners to exploit

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He might know a lot about homicide, just not the law.

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So grateful, thanks for all the hard work!

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This is what I want. Would love some forums here to talk guitar gear and literature with other pedes.

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Yeah, I mean, the court is definitely saying don't drag us into this shit lmao

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Not to be a buzz kill, it's a weird ruling. The judge basically just said, no judicial enforcement for congressional subpoenas in situations like this, because Congress has other ways to enforce, like impeaching Executive officials for non compliance. Which of course is what they did.

Still, I'll take the win.

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I deleted my Reddit account already. Reddit is celebrating what's happening? Sad. I shouldnt be surprised. When I complained to some friends about the quarantine last year, they said "good riddance." Always hurts to have someone hate something you love so much.