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Someone make this meme for me. I can’t I’m driving.

Rush muzzle blast parts hair

Rush: did anyone else hear that car backfire???

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Wonder why the guy on War room said he’d never heard anyone ever say that the ppl are ready to defend the republic. He acted like an ass about it really. I think it’s John fredricks

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What fucking good does it do to brief lawmakers. It takes 2 to tango. China being 1. Lawmakers being 2.

I now think Ronald Reagan was wrong. America is not the last frontier on earth. Thedonald.win is. America seems to be a lost cause.

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Usually when I’m mad it makes me feel a lot better to karma whore.

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Are threats the same thing as promises?

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So you’re saying Barr can’t do anything? I feel like you’re sticking up for Barr here.

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Is there a way you can check all states at once or do you have to go to each individual state and put your info in to see if you’re registered there?

I’m pretty sure you have to go to each state to do it. I don’t think you should have to though. My question is more of a statement.

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No she’s openly bashing geotus on a daily basis. She’s not an ally. She is anti cheat though and her lawsuit may prove beneficial to us. Even though it wasn’t recent. That lawsuit was filed in 2016 afaik and just now got ruled to release the source code end of October 2020. She seems misguided. She says she’s anti cheat but she also is in the count every vote crowd. I think she’s just a retard.

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Thanks for explaining that in great detail without acting like I’m a retard who doesn’t understand the simplest of things. ( ^see comments above)

I agree this is not an issue for Trump. Not right now anyway. I’d like to see him free though.

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I don’t think trump should free him.

I don’t think Trump can free him.

I think he should be free.

Edit For context: I don’t really know all of the ins and outs of it apparently. But it did seem that they increased pressure on him during the election in 2016. In the eyes of a lot of people he was just getting the truth out at that time.

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Yes establishment. I know. Sorry for thinking democrats are worse than Republicans. Sorry for noticing also that the media and tech are leftists.

Luck bucko until we have a maga party democrats will always get shit on by me. And after.

I’m not so singular in my thinking that I don’t realize that rinos are a huge problem.

I do however realize that democrats are the cancel culture party.

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Gotcha. So I guess helping him was illegal? If so why wasn’t he charged with that or was he?

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I don’t think anyone is really saying trump bad free assange so much as people are saying assange should be free because he’s a political prisoner. He’s likely in jail on made up charges

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