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You follow stock market at all? If so what do you think of that shitshow, making a recovery up 5k from the lows yet more and more small businesses closing, unemployment through the roof, no one can go out and buy anything. Seems like a bubble waiting to explode.

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Its been here since end of Q3 of last year.

Change my mind.

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ur medicine is all made overseas just floors me

never knew this until a few weeks ago. looked at some medicine bottles, shit doesnt even say where the hell its made, but my shoes and other items do...makes zero sense

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Let's see, what else

lmfao read that in his voice, cause its true, Hannity the Interrupter is a broken record.

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Friend of mine had a box of ballots dropped on his doorstep...they delivered them to the wrong person, he burned them in his firepit.

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We mock this type of shit but places are basically saying anyone dead is from Corona Virus, elderly homes that people are dying in they dont even test its just auto ChinaFlu

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dip their fingers in indelible ink

What India does I believe, they must be a bunch of racistssssssss! REEEEEEEEEEEE

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Why I visit here, best comments

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His name is Fake, and he gets fucked by Big Dick Mike Obama.

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Ooo Ooo Let me guess, He wins and then steps down and she would be President. I think the VP is who they really want as the President, to bad it wont happen because all of us are going to vote, even those in blue states get that popular vote to stuff down their throats.

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I think that should stay private to the mods for the time being, less info we give the libshits the better.

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Xir that will get you a ban, oh wait that was that other place! Fuck these ppl, this looks just like a gun scope sighted right at President Trump. Where the hell is the USSS with all these threats.

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They are tagging bodies as Covid-19 deaths w/o even doing tests, especially the elderly.

Change my mind.

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