FitOfficial [S] 5 points ago

GOD I miss good South Park. Pre-Season 9... almost every episode was amazing.

FitOfficial [S] 1 point ago

Rofl... that's some of the most haggard Etsy riot gear I've ever seen

FitOfficial [S] 6 points ago

It's a franchisee. I get exploiting a communist's lack of any basic knowledge of capitalism (or anything in general), but this is basically just a dude that owns some businesses supporting Trump.

It's not the franchises themselves.

FitOfficial [S] 25 points ago

Whoa whoa whoa... you mean white people didn't just show up in Africa with guns and nets like Elmer Fudd?

FitOfficial [S] 1 point ago

Sounds like a good 4chan op. White Globalists are the controllers of all the White Nationalists!

Stop them at all costs!

FitOfficial [S] 7 points ago

Eh, seems like revisionist history without screencaps of the original op.

FitOfficial [S] 1 point ago

They will not rest until everything their filthy tendrils touch turns to an unenjoyable hellscape. Their mission isn't equality. It's control, plain and simple. They'll ruin EVERYTHING you like.

FitOfficial [S] 6 points ago

Sounds like the reparations fund is going dry to me.

FitOfficial [S] 16 points ago

Welcome to Tennessee. We'll fucking bury you should you endanger our families, properties, or livelihoods.

Have a wonderful stay.

FitOfficial [S] 3 points ago

Replacing windows is going to stamp out "institutionalized racism"?

Fuck off.

FitOfficial [S] 11 points ago

De Blasio seems like that guy in House of Cards that Frank locked in the garage with his car running.

FitOfficial [S] 4 points ago

"You don't wanna shoot through the guy, through your drywall, blow your dog's brains out and drop the engine out of your car..."

-Bill Burr

FitOfficial [S] 8 points ago

Lol, I have to admit larping the idea that a business owner would order pallets of bricks to goad idiots into smashing them into their own store to further their own cause of white supremacy might be the most mental-gymnasticiest thing I've ever heard.

FitOfficial [S] 2 points ago

When they lose the next generation of console wars (again) they can blame it on raycis gamers.

That said, Sony isn't doing themselves any favors either.

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