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There it is. The plan is set in motion. No debates for sleepy joe, because of the lamest excuse ever.

See you at the ballot box!

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Liberals. "I'M so wonderful, look at meeeeeeeee on Instagram, I travel to 3rd world shitholes to flaunt my expensive clothes and iphones and cameras, and just feel so sorry for these brown people. Aren't I wonderful? Tee hee, don't I look cuuuuuuute in my head covering?"

Of course there's no correlation between white liberals doing that, and the number of white liberals, especially women, getting raped, kidnapped and murdered in 3rd world muslim shitholes. That's just like, the patriarchy, maaaaaan.

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Trump needs to go after lobbyists and term limits in his second term. That's pure second term material. If he can get lobby reform, that would go a long way. And more transparent and stringent campaign finance and donation laws, with stiffer oversight, and firm, in the law limits on cash raising, the money thrown at campaigns has to stop.

That all hinges on taking Congress. Iffy, at best. The next 4 years are gonna be more of the same - constant political warfare.

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And, in the process, the swamp has revealed itself. 4 years ago most people would have thought how the FBI/DOJ acted in TDS would have been impossible.

And, of course the swamp is moving to defend itself. That's what it does.

Trump has been a master course in staying in lane, keeping his nose clean and his powder dry. They've thrown more at him in 4 years than I've seen at all of the presidents combined in my memory. And he's still walking and standing tall. He's even guilty of some of the things that they've thrown at him (Stormy) and it just doesn't stick.

It's horrific, the last 4 years, but it's fascinating, too. We'll never see someone like Trump again.

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Neither had I, so I did some digging, it's called FEPLI, Federal Employee Professional Liability Insurance. Normally it's used by Fed employees who won't/can't be defended by the DOJ if there's a lawsuit, like a bunch of treehuggers suing your department. Trials at the Fed level would BK most people, I guess.

What I want to know is, is it standard for special prosecutors to take it out? Or did the agents in this case know exactly what kind of fire they were being ordered to play with?

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You said there was no rioting. We show there is. Now you're just neckbearding and throwing a tantrum.

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Yep. I've personally had UK citizens rant to me about how good their system is, but they don't realize the scope they're dealing with. I'd love a UK based system. But not the massive tax increase to pay for it, and I don't trust our Congress to implement it honestly.

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Throw some interest into Real Justice, one of the founders of Facebook and his SJW warrior wife founded it, and they fund a lot of the same things Soros does, and of course have connections to Soros and his son. They even say they modeled their group after Soros'.

This is a tentacle web. A LOT of Facebook and Twitter millionaires are involved. They're guilty for making so much damn money for doing nothing, so this soothes their guilt.

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Nah, that was the press. It was called the Affordable Care Act. (which, in typical Dem fashion, was the exact opposite of what it was.) The press, especially the right, started calling it Obamacare. He just didn't try to stop it, because it fed his ego. He had no idea that one of Trump's first acts was to gut it with the tax penalty - he thought Hillary would be in office, and push even more on top of Obamacare down our throats, enriching themselves and the health insurance industry even more.

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Yeah. The health insurance lobby pumped millions and millions into politician pockets on both sides to keep their windfall from Obama in place, which is all Obamacare was - payback for paying for his campaign.

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I was talking with a buddy about how expensive "Obamacare" is for the self employed. His liberal wife got involved, ranting about how that was all lies. I told her to go get a price for someone her age, self employed, 50k income.

She shut right up. "That can't be right." It is. The cheapest plan, with insane deductibles, was $375 a month. (Basically a worthless plan)

I do what i can.

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History will not be kind to Obama, and Clinton.

Trump made sure of that.

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Biden's "plans" are just throwing money at the problem, or in the direction of the problem, mostly ending up in CEO's and politicians pockets.

Healthcare like the UK has is a great idea, but the scope of our country is so far beyond what they deal with, and I don't trust Congress to make the transition.

Trump...I might. But it's a massive problem, even for him.

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I love how they have the furniture up on boxes, becauseJoe sitting down is so short.

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"I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that there is money laundering in american politics!"

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The whole thing is like an episode of The Wire, if you read the phone transcripts. Glover had several women he used to cover his tracks, hold his money, used their addresses, one had a kid with him, was probably fucking all of them, and she was up to her eyebrows in his drug running, letting him use her cars, even showing up at the trap house. God knows what else.

But even they say, the Kenneth dude got her shot, bringing his business into her apartment. Which, as upstanding drug dealers, they would never do.

And through all of it, there's no real concern or emotion that she got shot and killed. Just that their business got interrupted, and all of them scrambling to cover their asses.

Such is life in the hood.

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I'm done with Joe, as long as he's on Spotify. It was a good run. Maybe his podcast will survive it. Maybe not. But when it's not posted to YouTube anymore, it doesn't exist to me.

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And, don't forget the little tidbit that the dead guy in the rental car was Glover's brother. Which is why the police had already interviewed her, and saw Glover in the apartment.

They're really in trouble here, they're about to lose another potential martyr, all of them keep coming up as justified shootings, and that makes them complicit in wonton looting and rioting in the name of criminals who deserved to get shot.

Wonder why the general public isn't up in arms over this? They're finding out the real facts. Cuomo and his pals at the DNC are frantically clinging to a propaganda campaign that's dissolving rapidly. Yes, he's lying. HE HAS TO. Because the alternative is dire for him, if and when his viewers find out he's a bald faced liar.

"“Breonna Taylor was an innocent party. Streets filling with people who are outraged who don’t understand. Who need counsel. Who need guidance. And in the absence of that, we must have concern of what happens next,” Cuomo warned."

She was clearly not innocent, and the people who don't understand, and need counsel and guidance, are in that state BECAUSE OF YOUR LYING ASS.

The blood is on your hands, asshole, not ours.

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Well, your tastes have little to do with purchasing requirements for police departments. A round that costs twice as much, is proprietary, and isn't available in many guns, AND has a hefty wear and tear issue over time than 9mm or .40, is a deal breaker for issued and department ammo issued guns.

Nothing stopping cops from buying one as a backup, but they carry what the department can afford and issues.

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