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I'm in the same boat but my friend like that has now blocked me and removed me from her life to keep her bubble in tact.

It's sad, she's like a little sister to me. Been friends since around 11.

We always been good friends and then 2016 happened.

It probably hit her worse because she lives in the bay area, went to SF University and I was a left leaning guy myself (even voted Obama in 2008) until I woke up which was around 2017. It threatened her bubble so they have to cut ties, it's like a cult.

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There is some really cool history from that area. From the Bulgars fighting Byzantine to early Slav and other people fighting the Ottoman's

Watched a really cool history series about Mihi the Brave who is considered the guy that started Romania in a way.


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This! This is karma. He's done some shit and it's nipping him in the ass. He's done things we'll never know about.

Maybe hunter is an asshole because he is...or maybe he's a drug addict loser because of abuse and neglect. I lean to the later with how fucked up the rest of his family is.

If mom is willing to use Joe as a pawn now what was she willing to do in the past with her boys? Or use them for whatever.

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Lizard or Robot? Now leaning towards robot!

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Yeah even if it was overturned. Which I don't think it will happen anyways. Half of the states would probably keep it around.

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She was young then and yes got caught up in it but the Democrat political machine. She has since taken the red pill

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Yeah him not showing up to debate would instantly lose him 1.5 to 2% of the vote. And while that doesn't sound like a lot. That is a YUGE swing!

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Their cheating by mail in depended on it going to SCOTUS and now at best it will be 4-4 for them there.

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He endorsed him after he won the primary though. What was he gonna do endorse the Dem?

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He got into this fight protecting his father from attackers and killed one. Now he committed suicide over it.

How do you think his father feels right now?

It's fucking selfish. Period.

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Maybe.... I am sure China has a few aces up their sleeve. But taking it while holding it's assets? Yeah china would have a hard time. It most likely would be more a seige.

Surround it far away and keep from anything going on or out.

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Let's say they are about as allied as Russia and Germany were in 1930ish

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Would make the economy here in Idaho boom. Used to have the largest semiconductor US plant but it's been dwindling down to about 1/5 it's size thanks to South Korea and Taiwan.

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