FeelsBatMan 3 points ago

Lion Ted, furiously defending the Republic with his constant Tweets. Single handedly actually doing something about it. It's what our tax dollars pay for after all.

FeelsBatMan 2 points ago

Have you called to get her fired? Have you raised hell to anyone and everyone that will listen? Why does it seem like liberals are the only ones who fight for stuff like this?

FeelsBatMan 41 points ago

All they do is tweet about it. Gotta hand it to the Democrats, they sure are doing something. Destroying America, but nobody can claim they're the "do nothing Democrats" anymore

FeelsBatMan 36 points ago

I thought it was Kirby?

FeelsBatMan 2 points ago

I didn't say Parler supports them. I wouldn't know because I'm not signing up when I have to provide a phone number to get an account.

FeelsBatMan 10 points ago

Duo, Google Authenticator, there are more

FeelsBatMan 16 points ago

There are plenty of 2FA options that don't require a phone number

FeelsBatMan 19 points ago

If they respect my privacy, why do they require my phone number to sign up?

FeelsBatMan 1 point ago

Nothing against Dan, he's great. But this is why your seeing a big push for Parler as opposed to Gab.

FeelsBatMan 5 points ago

Then mission accomplished. BLM is a Soros-funded terrorist group designed to manipulate blacks into acting stupid and non-blacks to feel hatred for them. They want another civil war.

FeelsBatMan 7 points ago

Can't view anything on Parler, bummer. So weird how everyone is pushing it when Gab works just fine.

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