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There has been undeniable proof for years, so not sure I agree with your wording there. Overtly criminal election meddling (as opposed to covert, e.g., algorithm tampering) is the crucial difference here.

It's to the point where Republicans on big tech's payroll even must act.

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Bounce rate is Pedes loading the page for the 50th time and seeing they've already upvoted everything in Hot.

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They started the war. Don't lecture people for fighting back.

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I got this on loop, it's beautiful.

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I see what you're saying, and totally agree. But Christian mythos is also a powerful tool for explaining human nature, even if one isn't religious. The girl in the video is totally chimping out, and demonstrates perfectly why the devil is called 'the beast'.

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I prefer brunettes and spicy food. Other than that, this was a succinct list of my value system. Nice!

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That's essentially what white kids are being taught in school.

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BLM pushes the false narrative that black men are being targeted by police, which no crime data supports. Black males are arrested more often because they commit more violent felonies. And if cops were going around beating up innocent black guys every day, there would be hundreds, even thousands of videos by now.

How does that compare to the soft coup attempt on Trump for wanting to drain the swamp, secure the border, and sign fairer trade deals?

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This almost all stems from the prohibition on drugs. There is a literal war being waged all over the country by cartels and the gangs they spawn. Police can't be our boots on the front line, and also play the role of Barney Fife for the rest of us.

Police forces have been militarized all over the country, and the impact of it on local communities has proven insidious. But what are cops to do? Their lives are on the line every single day. How many in uniform have PTSD from years on the job?

For starters, drug use needs to be treated as a public health crisis. Create sanitariums for addicts, instead of making them criminals and sending them to jail.

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Could you please link me to where you got that statistic from. I know 80% of interracial crime is perpetrated by blacks against whites. But 2,000 per day sounds high.

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The crowd was defacing public property and he was trying to stop it. The woman blocked him and became an accessory to the crime. Are concerned citizens not allowed to protect property anymore?

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Oh I know too well, grew up in a "multicultural" area. It's all I can think about when I see whites virtue signaling their privilege by airing all the petty crimes they've gotten away with over the years for being white, supposedly. Meanwhile, the thread for black on white violence would be miles long, and most of the attacks go unpunished, and certainly un-politicized.

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lol walked into that one I suppose. I just didn't know if $21,000 was a package deal: like, during the episode it'll be aired six to eight times.

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$21,000 per time it's aired? So, ten times would be $210,000???

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Ah, AG Barr's influence in full effect: Stop it, you're breaking the law!

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