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Love this guy! Dude is a boss.

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No ones saying there was Apaches firing machines guns outside the Alte Oper. Probably just a few rounds fired in a server farm warehouse in the outskirts of the city.

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I agree. Tim gets too much hate here, we need someone on the fence roping the normies in. My 2 cent anyways.

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We know it's Salty. Just discussing various ways how people ended up here. I think I ended up here from Tim mentioning the Donald on Reddit then I found a link there to here. Not 100% sure though.

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Donate to his subscribestar. Dude is pointing lonely travelers to our digital utopia.

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People with TDS won't watch Crowder or Bannon. I love them but it's just a fact. Tim is good at the catching libtards and showing them a glimpse of reality before they wake up and realize that the MSM is all just deep state propaganda. Tim's not really for the already redpilled.

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Get a phone with an IR blaster and turn that shit off.

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He done a speech. Press just don't cover it. Fake news as usual.

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Thanks for the info. Sure Bannon said something like this before the election even happened. It's like everyone knew the dems were going to cheat and the Dems knew the Republicans knew but don't give a fuck because all the 3 letter agencies are bought.

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George Soro's.. every fucking time.

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I actually love Cenk and the TYT show. I'm positive that their show results in a net increase in people becoming based due to how deluded they are.

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