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You should have watched the last debate. It was awesome!

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Yes, please reply to this post so I can ban you.

Liberalism is fucking cancer. I hate cancer. All liberals GTFO.

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It may seem like quitting will fix everything but in reality it will initially make everything way more difficult. It'll take time to relearn everything.

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Alcohol was a really important part of my life. I associated it with everything from sports to socializing. To quit I had to relearn how to do pretty much everything. It was a really hard thing to do. I'm incredibly happy I did it but it was really hard.

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Quitting is a personal thing and by that I mean it only works if you want it and you do it. Everyone in the world can yell at you for being a fucking degenerate and that won't be enough to stop. The only way to stop is for you to say fuck it, that's enough.

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Dat 5 o'clock shadow. Nasty.

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I have removed this post. The video itself is hosted with Google. You will need to contact them to have it removed. You can do that here: https://www.youtube.com/copyright_complaint_form.

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Communism has killed 150,000,000 people and you're fucking defending it. You should be thrown from a fucking helicopter. Eat shit commie.

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Well... my people would be doing the yeeting. I mean I'd love to be doing it all personally but I'd have a country to run.

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I would be too. We'd have helicopter operations 24/7.

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That's what I thought after it was pointed out but the hand placement would make it impossible. You couldn't get your hands back in position that fast.

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