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And what ever happened to Tom Hanks? My guess is he is all over this virus and it doesn’t suit the media’s narrative to talk about a middle aged diabetic beating this thing.

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And why are they all women? Does it have something to do with the mortality rate differential between them and men? Are they better suited to spread this disease? Just a carrier with no symptoms?

FactsOverFeelings [S] 2 points ago

Someone needs to run her little truck off the road, and donate all her purchases to local hospitals.

FactsOverFeelings [S] 1 point ago

I’d kick her I the shins if I was anywhere near there. This is like the 10th video I’ve seen of these fucking animals spreading disease. Coincidence?

FactsOverFeelings [S] 1 point ago

Why bother watching such bullshit? Try reading some classic literature.

FactsOverFeelings [S] 5 points ago

What? No Walmart for the Bama fans? I kid. This is seriously out of control.

FactsOverFeelings [S] 9 points ago

These sick fucks can’t help it. Fucking education system!

FactsOverFeelings [S] 3 points ago

Hell yes. I just tipped my takeout order 15%. I want to support local businesses. If I don’t, they won’t be there next week, and the food preparers are gonna be out of work. Sucking on the fortunates’ tits.


FactsOverFeelings [S] 4 points ago

You can fly anywhere and nobody in the row in front, behind, or next to you. Just flew to LA and there were 13 of us on that plane. This is crazy. I had to wait to board until someone radioed to the gate agent that the plane was disinfected.

Oh, I paid like $45. Get in here, folks!

FactsOverFeelings [S] 2 points ago

Because waiting until January 20 is what this economy needs.

OTOH, libs that aren’t working in the federal gubmint are losing jobs daily, so there’s not much money the rest of the libs can donate.

As for Bernie, he’s totally fucked. Officially!

Me? I’m still donating to Trump (not repugnicrats) monthly!

FactsOverFeelings [S] 15 points ago

Savage. Now if he’d just stop calling insider traders and commie dictators respectable.

As Joe(the)pedo would say: C’mon, man!

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