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lol The comment is deleted now but this joke is so good I can tell what he said

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You fuckers sound like liberal super victims complaining about the rich. Instead of being edgy as fuck trying to show how much you don't care, why not just SFTU and at least respect that they lost a daughter as well.

I don't even care about dude but you guys look cringy as fuck

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lol dude play it at .25 speed

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I was at the last rally in Richmond when they bus'd in a bunch of anti-gun moms in pink shirts, it was fucking hilarious to watch in person.

One second some lady was talking to me and my friend (We decided to open carry our pistols to make a point, both CCL) about how "You just don't understand what guns do to people", and the next second all the pink shirts and people that looked like they had never seen a fucking farm DISAPPEARED.

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lol I'd love for that to happen-only guns around are the lonely cops standing around. I wish. Hopefully everyone keeps their wits about them.

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I'm not trying to get clapped by officer fuck-face that wants to start the boogaloo


Well, as much as this sub likes to say "Don't talk to me about your fucking jobs/livelihoods", those police have jobs they can't lose and arresting a governor in the name of constitutional law may not blow over well.

It's also worth being said that it's all I'd like to do- tangibly show my dissent with the governor, but if we act violent first; it gives them all the more bullshit "reason" to ACTUALLY start going door to door.

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ooooofff lol I'm sorry but welcome to VA, if you aren't in fucking NOVA I'm sure you know the rest of VA isn't as cucked as up here.

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So what have you done lately? It's real easy for everyone to talk shit about Virginia right now, even though our cuck gov. has literally declared us in a state of emergency from Capitol storming threats.

Its awesome and great to act like a hard dick to everyone on the internet; but what tangible steps do you suppose regular gun owners can do in VA, without being thrown in fucking prison?

So far, everyone I talk to is on the same page- don't pipe up about your guns at the moment. It's pretty clear a majority of Law Enforcement are on our side at the moment, so the biggest thing most of us can do right now is shut the fuck up.

Unless any of the boogaloo comandos want to tell me how to live in my state?


Damn they portrayed that "worked up liberal" energy really well. They are anti-gun because they THINK the world is how they see it through the internet and gossip. In reality we get what happened in Texas if good folks around are armed lol


Well Booker backed out of the Race a couple days ago, to prove your point from earlier

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Damn son, what a galactic fuck up by Iran. Good find!

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Lol I was in northern Makmhur province(Iraq) to build a firebase in early 2017, we have them all the fuck over the place lol. I even have 20mm shell casings from our missile defense system.


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I don't even smoke but how is that so? If you're around someone smoking and don't like it, either stop being a pussy and ask them to put it out, or simply walk away.

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Thinking others should conform to your world view is fucking liberal communist talk, get that shit out of here; civil liberty is more important than you getting triggered

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No, the article mentioned he refused a breathalyzer. Which, if your case isn't dropped; means your license is suspended for one year; but Matt's case was dropped.

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That case was dropped, so he hasn't "had a DUI" but came pretty close! He played his cards right and shut the fuck up with the police, refusing their tests. Their case was too weak to convict:


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You're exactly right, they are fucking cucks. The Representative was right as well when he said there are people that call like like they see it, and then there aren't.

If they aren't financially invested somehow, then they are giant pussies for playing along.

Drain the swamp means a lot more than just fucking democrats, it means getting rid of all the bullshit operators

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What do you think the most "Wtf?" fact of 9/11 is? Dancing Israli group? The video I posted? I've hit "the surrender" so many times lol

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