FLatinoKAG 5 points ago

This guy was an idiot though, he shouldn't have lost his cool. His "I feel threatened by you filming" schtick only works for trans or women. Don't these idiots watch YouTube or LiveLeak? It's like 5-10% of the population don't know it's legal to film people.

FLatinoKAG 2 points ago

Bill looked like shit already in that picture, and that was years ago. He is definitely going to pull the senile old man schtick any day now.

FLatinoKAG 6 points ago

Please be a retweet of Biden giving KKK member Robert Byrd's eulogy!

FLatinoKAG 2 points ago

This would be right up Trump's alley. Make an out of nowhere statement condemning a practice most think is barbaric. Sit back and watch his haters defend it 😂

FLatinoKAG 1 point ago

He doesn't want to get choked out by a rent boy at his next outing with his occult group.

FLatinoKAG 3 points ago

Poor old people. If you happen to vote right, and the people who distribute the mail, feed you, bathe you, wipe your butt, etc. catch wind of it...

FLatinoKAG 8 points ago

After seeing the guys in NJ get arrested with boxes of ballots, one has to wonder where those were going. There aren't that many dead people still on the voter rolls, but there are plenty of nearly dead voters who wouldn't know the difference between Donald Trump and Donald duck (Hillary loved that one- Project Veritas reference).

FLatinoKAG 9 points ago

The nursing homes Are the worst for this. You have people with Alzheimer's eating Jell-O casting ballots.

FLatinoKAG 38 points ago

Ybor City was one of the first places in the country to use facial recognition. There are cameras all around 7th Ave. It shouldn't be too hard to identify more than 1 person. I'm starting to think this is why the mask are being pushed so hard.

FLatinoKAG 0 points ago

There are thousands of countries+states+towns+cities+districts+regions. And they have been reporting numbers weekly for like 3-4 months now. for example, let's just say there are only 50 cities/counties per state that put out a news article weekly on covid-19. 50 cities x 50 states = 2500 x 16weeks = potentially 40,000 different headlines to search from, and that's only in the US.

FLatinoKAG 1 point ago

By Obamagate rules Trump should be able to spy on AOC and everyone she has ever associated with because she promoted foreign interference.

FLatinoKAG 2 points ago

I don't understand the big deal with this. Covid-19 is a story everywhere, so everytime they report it in a news article with the headline it's searchable. This is how search engines work. Is every city in the world supposed to have the same number of Covid or something?

FLatinoKAG 15 points ago

I think they eventually crack to this one. They are targeting a particular painting of him on display. If they fold and remove the painting, it's over. They admitted it. Also, it's great the endowment keeps getting brought up. "How many black educations can be paid for with that endowment..."

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