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Fascist is just a pejorative

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Imagine being against some guy from Hong Kong supporting personal freedoms and liberty.

Why was I ever a Democrat?

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Its all petty games and social experimentation with them. No appreciation for dealing with reality on realities terms.

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lol, they spent eight years patting themselves on the back for making young people, in their primary earning years and health, buy insurance.

Lets see, we didnt go to the doctor once in those eight years, but carried insurance for both myself and my wife. Geez that sounds like a lot of extra cash.

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His voice is straight up retarded. Can anyone trust a person who cant throw a fucking baseball? Didnt this idiot have to take some classes on physiology?

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If she loses that will give her a lot of things to suck her brothers dick about.

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"I dont like Trump because hes hard on China" said no Trump voter

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But a fat lady with no empirical backing told me otherwise. And she made me pay for it.

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