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Well that’s really the point. It’s a regression to the mean. In the future there won’t be a need to cheat in an election. If every imbecile has an “equal” say in how the government runs, then ‘free stuff’ is going to win every time. There was a reason our government was set up so that only the taxpayers had the vote and the taxes were assessed to land owners.

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Executing McCain? That’s Q-lore. Any entity that performs secret executions is NOT a “good guy.”

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Women should not have the vote. They make stupid decisions justified on emotion.

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Yes, it is.

Edit: Downvoting does not change the truth. Jews are a genetic race. https://wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com/WhoAreTheJews

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You missed some good hand gestures.😜

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Doesn’t matter if they did, because the “science” can be faked if that’s the criteria for allowing this.

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