Erikabodereka [S] 7 points ago

please God, let's make that completely unacceptable. Can conservatives and liberals in the real world not unite on this one issue and then we can get back to bickering like the good old days?

Erikabodereka [S] 11 points ago

Please let this week end on a high note. I'm beginning to twitch when I see the doctor on TV. 27 more days of this bullshit. TWENTY!! SEVEN!!

Erikabodereka [S] 7 points ago

I agree. He reminds me of when I google a medical issue. “It’s possible you may have something terminal and you’re going to die.”

Erikabodereka [S] 30 points ago

Got to be soon. I'm not really into social media, but I do see a lot of "when this is over..." type stuff more frequently. People are getting antsy. And that includes me.

Erikabodereka [S] 6 points ago

I agree. As the country warms up and people locked inside are tired of forced hibernation, they’ll come out and won’t go back in. Nature finds a way.

Erikabodereka [S] 10 points ago

Oh my god. This whole thread. I'm dying. This is so funny and weird. It's gonna be a good day. Thanks, y'all.

Erikabodereka [S] 10 points ago

John Kerry sent James Taylor to France to console the country after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. Do you remember that?

He sang "You've Got A Friend"

Erikabodereka [S] 9 points ago

Oh all of the congressional members complaining about pork can just shut the fuck up!! They voted for it. They all knew that this was happening, but let it happen anyway. Now the actors can line up and play their parts for Kabuki theater. yeah- we know, congress, you're real upset about all this and gosh you just wanted to help.


Erikabodereka [S] 7 points ago

I saw an Instagram post of Arnold Schwarzenegger riding his bike through empty streets telling people to keep staying home.

Erikabodereka [S] 23 points ago

I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this one, folks. Your tell is the last 6 words. Thank you for playing.

Erikabodereka [S] 2 points ago

I remember “uhhhhh” a lot.

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