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And no, fucking pricks drinking beer on the beach running through some whore's ass crack are not heroes.

They're fucking morons endangering everybody - and especially hurting Trump.

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Who cares about this loser anyway?

This whole "Oh look! A disgraced Dem" thing is fucking stupid.

Nobody cares. There will be another one to take his place.

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Q is a larp. Nothing Q said has happened.

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Fuck off.

We elected representatives in a Republic. They enacted laws for emergencies just like what is going on now.

Nobody is taking away your freedom.

The people's representatives are using the legal authority granted to them by the people to do what's best in a time of crisis.

So you can go fuck yourself and your anti-Trumpism libertarian bullshit. You sound like a Never Trumper.

Trump is using the defense authorization act to save people's lives. This is no different than an act of war.

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Reminds me of t_D back in 2016!!

Without fucking Spez throwing up all the roadblocks.

The mods/owners should sticky a Patreon link.

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This is stupid.

He's just holding the shot at the end of the take. Standard in video production.

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This has nothing to do with crisis being over soon. Costco is hiring security now to guard toilet paper. And limiting people into stores who are rushing for toilet paper.

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Hoarders can sell on eBay to people living in India still using their hands.

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Total bullshit post. Can't believe anybody upvotes this shit.

Viral pneumonia is not sniffles. Nobody is stopping people from getting food, let alone shooting them or jailing them.

Trump said C19 is "record setting" contagion and supports Newsome and Cuomo.

This is a pro-Trump site. You should be deported by mods for undermining Trump and what he's doing.

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The federal government is not allowing us to cross the borders, and is complicit in enabling the state governments with financial reimbursements.

States couldn't be putting people in lockdown without the Feds paying for it.

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How many times do you copy and paste this same response?

Reminds me of days on T-D when CTR would flood the board with stupid shit like this just to fuck with T_D and try to make us look bad.

Are you the one who posted on T_D that we're going to be ready to shoot cops if they come? Wouldn't surprise me.

This is the most anti-Trump post that keeps getting repeated here. Not sure why mods haven't deported you yet.

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Accusing another pede of being a shill is the very definition of concern trolling and being divisive.

Q is a verified larp that is being used over and over to make Trump supporters look like morons.

Q posts have repeatedly asked why the media is doing so many Q stories.

It's obvious. If anything, Q is a setup just to make Trump supporters look bad.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if all the "Nobody can stop what's coming" was the deep state taunting us over the C19 crisis and government shutdown.

They've been trying to take out Trump since before the election. Virus hits big the day impeachment fails. Coincidence?

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Even if this goes exponential and 50 million die it's not an extinction level event.

Kind of exposes their climate change "existential threat" bullshit that something that at worst case will take 30 years and raise the sea levels 30 feet is going to cause the end of humanity.

Worst case is people migrate to higher ground and milder climates over the course of decades.

Canada and Siberia might be able to produce 1000x more food for the 15 billion people than all the food being produced now.

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It's not a short, upward spike. It's a steady growth rate that's consistent globally.

The "ups and downs" historically have been for endemic flu cases. Endemic meaning that the flu is already in our culture, and we have vaccines and immunity, and treatment.

C19 is pandemic, exponentially growing because there is no vaccine, the viral pneumonia it causes can't be treated with antibiotics, and the contagion rate is "record setting" according to Trump.

It's on track to go up to 1918 levels - which happened over almost 2 years with very little international travel or even domestic travel compared to what we have now.

500 million were infected from the Spanish Flu. 675,000 died in the U.S. alone.

The Spanish Flu was an H1N1 corona virus.

How is this not like the Spanish Flu is a better question?

And no, this doesn't mean anybody has to react with panic. How you react is your choice. Factually, if the doubling rate is 6 days. and if we have 20,000 infected now, that grows to over 1 million in 5 weeks - by the end of April.

If we're off by 50%, and there are only 10,000 infected, we reach over 1 million infected 6 days later. The first week of April.

If the doubling rate is 4 days we reach 1 million infected in 3 1/2 weeks. If it's 10 days we reach 1 million infected by the end of May.

The data tracked in this post shows a doubling rate of 3.5 days.

Do the math.

The worst possible thing to do is downplay the seriousness of this because that's what's going to spread it faster. And it's 100% anti-Trump. This is supposed to be a pro-Trump site.

If this goes exponential and we hit 1 million cases by the end of April, it only makes Trump look bad.

A lot of pedes' families will be infected - many parents and grandparents will die, maybe even yours.

But hey, at least the douchebags in Florida got to get drunk for two weeks.

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Shutting the valve completely, as Cuomo put it, IS acting in a rational manner.

NYC will have over 1 million cases by the end of April.

100,000 will require hospitalization.

NYC has 10,000 hospital beds open during normal times. 25,000 beds at 60% occupancy.

The mortality rate for flu is 0.1%. The measured mortality rate in any area for C19 is at least 1% - and that's with aggressive treatment.

If we have 100,000 people just in NYC that need hospitalization and only a few thousand hospital beds, the mortality rate is going to skyrocket. The infection rate for medical workers and grocery employees is going to skyrocket.

Flattening the curve IS the only rational option right now. That's why Trump is shutting down the borders, banning travel and fast-tracking the economic measures.

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Rate of "record setting contagion" untreatable viral pneumonial according to GEOTUS.

Are you really this stupid? Why are you here if you're an anti-Trump faggot?

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It reminds me of back in 2016 when I first discovered T_D.

I will always remember Nov. 8, 2016, when Trump hit 270 and T_D hit 270,000 subs the same night.

Meme Magic is Real.

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