Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 1 point ago

nukes = snowstorms

Same thing bruh

Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 6 points ago

This is true.

But TD.win did the same shit for a month only four weeks ago. I was there, getting downvoted spreading the truth.

It's NOT just a flu.

Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 2 points ago

I think 10 nuclear bombs might shut down the economy retard

Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 3 points ago

The whole thing is evil because China made a botched vaccine that escaped and actually requires these fucking steps.

Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 1 point ago

What? You do realize half the people in the overcrowded ICUs in NYC are between 20-40 right? He's absolutely not right, the exact opposite actually. Him and Cuomo ate their own foot five times over a few weeks later from making such bullshit reassurances.

Eric-CIA-ramella [S] 1 point ago

You realize it's not that simple right? Unless you managed to keep all New Yorkers, friends of New Yorkers, and friends of FRIENDS of New Yorkers entirely locked in place, the virus will spread everywhere. The transmission rate is three times higher than the seasonal flu. If you hear of one case in your area, assume three more are infected and they don't know it.

NYC shouldve been quarantined completely in March but Cuomo was too much of a faggot because he complained about the same "violation of freedom" and that "the panic of the virus is worse than the virus itself". He was wrong, and now people are dying.

The same shit will follow for everywhere in the US that thinks quarantine isn't necessary for their community. It may be perceived as a grab on freedom, and it is, but the invisible Chinese-made enemy doesn't give two fucks if you're "free" to carry on with your daily routine or not.

Over half of the US will get infected, they key is to do it slowly and not fuck around letting it all happen at once. Take this shit seriously pede.

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