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Gaetz was going to do this too. It only takes 1 Senator and 1 Rep to contest it. VP gets to determine if they keep the state or not (if I'm recalling that correctly) https://twitter.com/Barnes_Law/status/1334589905230434306

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Did he? I only saw Kemp passing the buck to GA SOS, but I didn't see that GA SOS finally agreed to audit signatures

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His Alzheimer's means he'll spit out the truth (what he heard) on occasion. "largest voter fraud campaign" "I don't need your votes"

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I mean they've got to eat too bro. At least he shilled before the hearing

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I'm not a Bill Bar apologist but the man JUST paved the way for Federal Investigators to look into the election fraud a meaningfully way for the first time in 40ish years. That's why the Democrat scrub gatekeeper resigned his position.

Barr is right that civil suits are what will likely remedy the immediate problem. Civil suits are much faster and better suited to getting the kind of results we need because the burden of proof is much lower. Criminal suits will take years, especially if congress is involved.

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technically 4% swing Edit: Oops technically a 3% swing

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Is this the update? 2% of sample ballots were taken from Trump and turned into Biden votes (4% swing) ? https://twitter.com/AZGOP/status/1334165432161374209

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This is my concern too. However, China severely underestimates how effective we can be at putting down a rebellion ourselves without the need of much Federal assistance (because of 2a). The ramifications would be more or less economical issues, depending on how much loss of life.

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Just send it to Congress for a vote with state delegates

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It's a complicated situation but the TLDR is: PA did not implement mail in voting correctly, because it must be ratified a certain way, and I'm pretty sure with it being voted on by the voters. Neither of those were accomplished, so either A) all mail in votes must be tossed, or B) the entire PA election is invalid. Both are wins for Trump

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Raheem, with respect to eventual Trump victories in PA, WI, and even NV...what remaining stolen swing state (MI, GA, and AZ) is our best shot to secure a Trump victory?

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Who's in charge of discovering talent? Who's in charge of GOP leadership? It isn't us. That's the problem. We need centipedes in party leadership and we can easily change it from within.

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Oops I legit was thinking New Hampshire ^ ^ I think they split that one up like Nebraska if I recall correctly?

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I'm feeling confident about those Wisconsin votes being scrapped too. That means we need AZ, GA, or MI to get sorted out. NV would make us 2 electoral votes short, because of course they stole Idaho and elsewhere but... Edit: I meant NH

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