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At no point in your rambling did you put together a single rational thought. Just a bunch of ReEeEeEeEe like a good little Karen. Take a chill pill guy. The West Coast is important for the defense of our nation. You are going to convince zero people that you’re right with your emotional freak out.

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California and that coast are important for a lot of reasons. Your analogy is shit. The land isn’t cancer, the leadership is. There is not a single scenario that it makes sense to just abandon, or give up, one of our most valuable territories. Quit being an emotional fuck.

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They are on valuable land. Can we keep it and just put the commies on the chopper?

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There have been 0 leaks from this investigation. I guess it makes sense that now that the top people are getting interrogated, the people being interrogated leak to their sympathizers in the MSM to try and get out in front of it.

One possible good thing that is underneath the surface here: Durham likely has the answers to the questions that he is going to ask Brennan.

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Plus all the Latinos that hate socialism and the generally conservative Latinos. Landslide 2020

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Has any change.org petition actually led to any action ever?

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He can’t remember. C’mon man! It’s just the thing! The President was a great weekend for y’all and the boys to be the same as I was talking to them.

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I’m in Georgia. I’ll sign whatever lol. Only if you go Marines though.

It is weird that they want you to have all of these references at this point in the process. Do you have a criminal record or something? Drug possession charges?

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Superfund the police. That’s what I say. Confiscate the endowments from the Communist education institutions and redistribute it to the cops - since the institutions themselves support redistribution and all.

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Next to fireworks and, apparently, an ignition source.

Where’s OSHA when you need em?

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Respawn... fix the edit button, please, mods

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