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I have to admit in the beginning when he had the guests spouting ridiculous ideas, i was getting tired of his show. But now every night I watch, I feel that Tucker is one of the few people who actually expresses what I am thinking. He has moved into an elite level expressing what millions of American are thinking. Best news hour of the night.

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After the events of the past week, I see this in an entirely different light. She needs to take better care of the dog, but Christian Cooper could have just moved on when she had her fit and the whole episode would have been over. He wanted to make a big deal about it. Enough virtue signalling.

Why is it that every other race earns what they get, but many blacks just want things given to them. If you want more ownership and businesses, EARN it. Enough playing the race card. There are plenty of successful black Americans who have earned their success. Follow their example rather than those who want to be given things or else.

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They hate Donald Trump and the American people so much that they have destroyed their credibility by lying all the time.

If Donald Trump was such a bad president, you shouldn't have to lie to make him look bad. But he has done such a great job, and shown us what a president that actually wants to help Americans can do, that they have no choice but to lie.

The russian hoax, the good people hoax, the racist cops hoax, the corona lockdowns..... its all total bs designed to keep President Trump from helping ordinary Americans.

And if Biden had anything to run on, he wouldn't have to spout these lies to try to save his campaign.

Just a disgrace.

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We are supposed to believe that this person can objectively enforce the laws of her state.

This is a disgrace. This person should never have been elected, let alone serve as an Attorney general.

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The American people deserve to know now which politicians are involved. And we need to know so that we can ensure that these politicians are not reelected.

And Barr needs to start prosecuting.

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They only talk about guidelines if it is politically convenient. Can't go to work, but riots ok. Can't swim in the ocean, but ok to loot stores in groups. Can't do anything that may help the economy, but anything that delays the recovery is ok.

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The message from the NBA is that all lives do not matter.

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The riots were funded by dem special interest groups, I guess she didn't get the memo, or her share of the donations.

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"In March, New York City Police Department (NYPD) officials said that in the first 58 days of the year, close to 500 suspects who would have been kept locked up in jail if not for the new bail reform laws had been rearrested for committing an additional 846 crimes. Nearly 300 of these crimes included murder, rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto."

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And congress is now talking about increased chance of bailout of these cities. They basically allowed their cities to be looted because of incompetence and because they thought it would help them politically and now we are going to end up paying for it.

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At this point the NY times should just stop pretending to be anything other than a part of the DNC.

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Twitter removed the account, but apparently if they thought it was just antifa calling for the destruction of America, that would have been ok with twitter.

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If it is the black communities, their concern for property destruction goes to zero. The dems want the black neighborhoods destroyed. It keeps black Americans in poverty, which keeps them voting democrat.

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Maybe now black America will see who that the dem party is willing to destroy their neighborhoods for political gain.

Maybe they will realize that Trump is working to make their lives better, while the dems just want to use them to win elections.

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They know what they are doing and they don't care. Just like politicians like wHitler going after business owners trying to survive economically, while embracing rioters with open arms.

It is all about power, and they don't care about being hypocrites because the corrupt media will never call them on it, and as a result a large number of Americans will never know about it.

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Biden's staff is bailing them out, dem family members and even some dem politicians like Harris are involved. Rinos are supportive. The libs in hollywood supporting them. Academics and the media supporting them. They passed laws to let out criminals without bail. They released prisoners to fan the flames under the guise of coronavirus.

It all clearly points to this being done by what is basically a wing of the dem party. This is part of their election strategy. Destroy our cities, use the virus to destroy our economy.

These people don't love America. To them all our country and its people represent is an opportunity to enrich themselves and their families and supporters with money and power.

And George Floyd means nothing to them as well.While freedom loving Americans want justice, the left just sees this as an opportunity.

They want power and they will do anything possible to obtain it.

This IS the democrat party.

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I never thought I would see the day when politicians, even democrats would sabotage their own cities because they think it will help them politically.

But now, first with overbearing shutdowns of their economies blaming coronavirus, and now with allowing their citizens to riot and destroy their cities, we are seeing to what lengths democrat politicians are willing to go in order to gain political points.

Just sad.

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As much as they let the dem operatives riot and destroy American cities without repercussions, it will be exactly the opposite at the churches. Just like Stone's arrest, they will storm the churches from all sides, with hundreds of armed FBI agents and other dem operatives disguised as government employees.

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I can see now why they aren't arresting people for these riots and looting. If that is your AG, why bother when they probably won't prosecute anyway.

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The fbi will just use this as an opportunity to spy on Trump and his team.

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