Elseebee [S] 11 points ago

Yeah! Thanks for screwing up the world again, China!

Stupid Kung Flu.

Elseebee [S] 6 points ago

Is that guy even practicing? I mean, how does he have time to practice medicine while constantly trolling GEOTUS?

I don't think I would want him as my doctor as sidetracked as he obviously is.

Elseebee [S] 4 points ago

..Gave you your 666th upvote.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Elseebee [S] 18 points ago

Looks like it's time for another "rubber stamp" from the Supreme Court.

Elseebee [S] 2 points ago

Take the red pill, Tim!

Take a whole bottle!

Elseebee [S] 4 points ago

That's amazing!

Reminds me of Winston Churchill. He would put a wire into his cigars so the ash wouldn't fall, and he would host foreign dignitaries while waving around this impossibly long cigar ash above their heads to intimidate them during negotiations. 4-D chess right there!

Elseebee [S] 10 points ago

Thats how I read it too!

Elseebee [S] 18 points ago

Yeah, a stickie on T_D with the current .win subscriber# would be a huge bomb to drop!

Bring this BS out into the light!

Elseebee [S] 1 point ago

Sure. After you move to Ukraine with the Bidens!


They're in such deep shit! It's all coming down for your deep state asshats.

And my second deport button! Thanks again!!!

Elseebee [S] 3 points ago

Aaaand my first use of the deport button!

Thanks so much!

Bye schill!