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It’s all fun and games until the men show up. I‘ve seen hundreds of these videos and not once has a leftist knocked out a Trump supporter unless it’s a punch from behind. They’re a bunch of wimps in a real fight

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If they try and steal this, I’m well prepared to arm myself should it come down to that. I hope others are with me

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No amount of bull they can pull will deny the fact that Trump won and he will be in office for four more years

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Wow. That’s awful. I’m glad none of them are in critical condition but I’ll be praying for their recovery and safety. Why can’t the left just not attack people for one day?

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Here’s a video of Alex Jones dunking on Piers Morgan for 7 minutes https://youtu.be/ror9v2LwHoY

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Liberals didn’t care when Joe Biden said that because it’s secretly what they all believe. Did you hear what Chelsea Handler said today? She said “I had to remind 50 Cent that he was a black person”. What in the racism? They are denying people their agency based off the color of their skin

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Bots are out in full force on Twitter today calling Rudy a pedofile. Rudy was about to bang a hot 24 year old when Sacha Baron Cohen comes in and lies saying “she’s 15!” (Gotcha I guess?). I really don’t see how a rational person could think RUDY is the one who looks bad in this

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Here’s Josh Campbell from CNN implying that the Antifa riots are a myth because he was able to eat his breakfast burrito with no problems https://twitter.com/joshscampbell/status/1300823490396786689?s=21

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Well, it’s a matter of perspective. I saw lots of BLM terrorists get pepper sprayed and beat up as well.

The fact that a patriot died tonight is tragic and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I think the consequences of that are going to be costly for the rioters in Portland. We’ll see though 🤷‍♂️

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Being able to influence the mind of one person, influences hundreds through that one person. We need to be vocal about what we believe in and call out the MSM hoaxes when they’re brought up. Silent Majority needs to become the Vocal Majority and I believe that many patriots are starting to get that

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Jacob Blake’s GoFundMe has raised $2 M. Are they going to start raising money for Harvey Weinstein next? Or maybe Bill Cosby?

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Watching the left focus in on Kyle while ignoring the months of riots and violence from the left is comical.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero. If there were more people like Kyle standing up against the mob, we wouldn’t be having the riots and violence in the streets. When citizens are armed and ready, criminals cower like the fearful puppets they are

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I don’t think that’s what he’s saying. God isn’t ‘anti-war’ in any sense, but violence is not something that should be made light of. We do it because we have to. The Bible is the backbone of the constitution and should be treated as such. It says very clearly we are to love our enemies, so while violence may be necessary, rejoicing in the death of people that God loves us not. I apologize if this came off too preachy, it was something I was thinking about a lot last night when I was seeing all the violence in Wisconsin

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There were some patriots on here posting yesterday that a false flag was coming today. We have the best time travelers, don’t we folks?

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The fact that YouTube can edit likes (and probably views as well) on a video should terrify everyone. They control the information we have access to. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue but I guess people weren’t exaggerating when they said the left is basically a cult at this point

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Notice how she doesn’t explain what she said or did to provoke that reaction. These shallow anecdotes (with no details) are what the left LOVES to use to prove their point. If she told the whole story, I guarantee her narrative would fall apart

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And we have to watch the purple haired, fat faggots burn down both the police precinct and the federal courthouse in the same week. The MSM is still focusing on Trumps response rather than looking at the crimes that triggered a response in the first place. The left is out of control

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Yep. You’re spot on. “We’re oppressed, so we’re gonna beat and murder people and you can’t get mad cause we’re oppressed😡”. Their logic is hilarious and terrifying at the same time

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