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There is none. But the fear mongering has made people think that even with a sniffle they need to be tested and hope they aren't stuck on a ventilator. I wouldn't get tested even if I felt ill.

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Most likely but he shouldn't have been treated that way. In Florida they send one or two cops out for a domestic not a fucking SWAT team. This smells bigly.

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Exactly. You can not be contagious but have viral shed still in your system for months. A cold and some allergies will also flip the test postive.

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Completely not needed. Here in Florida, they do not call the SWAT team for a domestic, this is straight up bullshit. He was calm, compliant, and unarmed.

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I knew this was some shady shit. Here in Florida, cops do not show up like that over that kind of call, even to Baker Act someone. Completely uncalled for.

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No questions reeeeeeeeeeeeeee muh taxes! Also, he didn't say what his test result was.

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Gonna be more cases, they will make it mandatory to get tested everywhere.

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Lockdowns are the worst and it's bullshit. Probably more suicide deaths than from the Wuflu.

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Rapid testing. They have a new rapid test, just showed one taken. Supposed to have results in 15 minutes.

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Shouldn't be it's stupid. People that are exposed supposedly and the whole asymptomatic shit.

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Only sick people should be tested. Fuck pool testing.

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He called another lid today before 10am. So low energy.

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Give all the Karen's a placebo vaccine so they can shut the fuck up and let the rest of us live our lives as normal.

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Hope he's ok. The details are shady AF though. Sounds strange.

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They are gonna say he's not prepared so don't hold the debate reeeeeee.

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