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Senate should reinstate the 2/3 vote while they have the chance, get rid of that shit Harry Reid did.

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Twitter isn't gambling on anything. The inmates are running the asylum over there, and Jack is allowing it. This will be to his detriment, and Twitters. The hammer will come down at some point, and those responsible will simply move to another job. It's amazing to me that Jack isn't protecting his company.

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Huh. 53% women too. Apparently these suburban women really do care about living in a safe neighborhood. Who'd have thunk?

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No we went from Drip out to the Y in Oak Hill, then up 71 and back around Hamilton Pool and HW12 back on down. There were others and that might have been what you heard.

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Not in Texas.


Do I have to register or affiliate with a party before I vote in the primary?

  • No. A registered voter is not required to pre-register or take any steps towards affiliating themselves with a party before voting in a party’s primary election. (§162.003) Additionally, when a person registers to vote in Texas, they do not register with any kind of party affiliation.
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Cruz isn't well liked here, especially after Trump trashed his wife.

Look at his favorability ratings in 2016 LOL https://texaspolitics.utexas.edu/set/ted-cruz-favorability-trend

Beto had so much California money, they really went after that seat and actually had a chance because of that... and still failed.

Now Beto's started talking gun grabbin' and stuff.

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I'm not sure about their data, do you register as D or R there?

The unique thing about Texas is that you're classified by your primary vote, since you ask for a D or R ballot. So those numbers are basically what you've recently voted for... not what you registered as a decade ago.

Example, when I look at the same data for Iowa is shows a D advantage when I know dang well that isn't the case.

I'm not doubting any of this is happening, I'm just sayign it's difficult to find hard data and this is about the most accurate there is. If there are other states that classify you the same they'd have accurate data as well, I just don't know which ones do that (or if there are any others at all).

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I can't upvote comments, they aren't sticking.


  • Logged out and back in, comment upvotes still aren't sticking.
  • Cleared all cookies for thedonald.win, comment upvotes still aren't sticking.
  • I made a post and people are commenting, seems other people can upvote.


Magically started working.

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I'm not familiar with any other state, but with the inferred preference this is some pretty accurate data. And there's a large (YUGE) sample size.

Don't listen to all this "Biden can win Texas" bull crap. People that have already voted are +17 R, and that 9% unknown just means that those people didn't vote in the Primary (or otherwise can't be inferred). That adds a few more points so it's likely over +20 R.


spex: sauce https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-elections/texas-results

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