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Earlie [S] (2 points)

Oh, is Corey finally going to say the name of the guy we already know about?

Maybe he'll put together another funding request, wouldn't that be exciting.

If he was any serious threat to the establishment, he would have died years ago.

Earlie [S] (2 points)

The people in our country that call themselves the DNC, all the radical leaders of the Soros movements, the people managing the coyotes and caravan teams, the Chinese Communist Party leaders, the third world shithole despots, and the EU leadership... They're all hand-in-hand with the ultimate goal of taking down freedom in favor of absolute tyranny.

They operate like branches of a Mafia-type organization. Or, as George Carlin said: "It's a big club, and you ain't in it."

Earlie [S] (8 points)

Exactly the haircut I imagined.

I'd bet money he was radicalized in college and has been to DSA/Antifa events!

Earlie [S] (2 points)

So that's one ShariaBlew RollCon

plus four upvotes from his coworkers

and one from the guy that upvotes everything without looking.

Earlie [S] (9 points) *

“We don’t know if this is politically motivated"

Motives unclear!

Earlie [S] (1 point)

JFC I pray you're wrong. The things I've seen in the last 24 hours have really opened my eyes. Here's Steve Bannon interviewing a guy that says China's lying about the numbers.

Earlie [S] (1 point)

"He resisted because they didn't show him no papers, like 'Oh I'm the police,' no badge, no nothing, no warrant, no nothing," eyewitness Kevin Yanez Cruz said.

Gonna go ahead and call bullshit. He asked them for a warrant. Everyone knew what was going down.

Earlie [S] (0 points)

Sinema is a tough one for me. Sometimes I wonder if she's not a double agent. The Dems certainly don't seem to like her. We'll see if she swings any key votes, but I'm far from holding my breath.

But then again you could say the same about Tulsi, a total fraud that partied with leftists.

Senator GoGoBoots is hotter anyways.

Earlie [S] (3 points)

and that's how all of Africa contracted Hepatitis

Earlie [S] (1 point)

you could pin it and it wouldn't pass 300 upvotes

Reddit is staffed by lefty trash

Earlie [S] (1 point)

The guy who couldn't get on the debate stage because nobody will donate to him.

It's a hard knocks life.

Earlie [S] (2 points)

"I need to contact Blizzard. My NPC is broken. It won't give me my quest."

Earlie [S] (2 points)

"I've never seen anything like this"? Was this food truck his first stop after the airport?

Earlie [S] (4 points)

If she's not allowed to lie, I guess she's done talking.

Thank goodness.

Earlie [S] (2 points)

I wanna know what kind of skeletons he has in his closet.

He knows he couldn't possibly win the primary, much less the general... right?

Earlie [S] (8 points)

And just like that, Schiffty got the weaboo vote

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