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This story is gonna bring a lot of people back to their senses. It's all over Facebook with many "liberals" cross sharing. They are gonna wake the sleeping giant of middle of the road voters. No normal person is ok with this violence.

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you obviously didn't read the Twitter thread

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I have friends that literally stayed at home for 3+ weeks straight and then freaked out when they had to eventually leave their house. I haven't quarantined myself one damn day. I laugh at them all for being sheep and even tell them so if anyone of them question me.

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I ❀ My Governor, he's gonna be a great President one day.....

DragonEnergyBunny [S] 8 points ago

Bring the fucking hammer down! Crush your enemies.

DragonEnergyBunny [S] 3 points ago

yeah, I like to try and fashion my own clothes and I do have a little side business selling clothes online but it's just a hobby I enjoy.

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