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MAGA condoms must be worn at all times. In your car. In bed alone. At the grocery store. And if you don’t wear one as prescribed you are thereby putting everyone else at risk and makes you a prime candidate for the MAGA vaccine.

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My ex is a nurse and as soon as she became a nurse she changed in ways my kids even notice. Now she virtue signals like crazy and her nursing friends are intelligent but crazy whores.

Not all are like this but nurses ain’t like they used to be.

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And the writers come out of leftists indoctrinated colleges.

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This shit takes attention away from normal mugs getting along. Social media is cancer.

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People need to wait a little bit before they jump on these bandwagons. Nobody has patience anymore

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I even bought Hunts ketchup to boycott his ugly ass. Anyone know where else I can find some good ketchup?

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This meme is comedy. I’m no Trekkie but I remember seeing this as a child and never forgot it. Good work!

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When the big cities leftist voting base Is far larger than the conservative small town voter base, it’s best to keep walking by.

Trust this Californian.

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