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It wasn't a long trip for that worthless cuck.

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Exactly. It's the media equivalent of how dare you!

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These daily briefings are like the best entertainment of all time, will our President solve a problem, cure a pandemic, end CNN, rift a hilarious comic bit or make another reporter look like an absolute foolish asshat. It's little wonder that the ratings are through the roof.

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It's beyond stupid bordering on insane. If you add corruption and incompetence you have a public health nightmare that you see playing out now.

At this moment Andrew Cuomo is the best the Dims have as a Presidential candidate. This is his record complete failure to protect the people of New York state.

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That's an American. What the Dimocrat fools can never wrap their heads around "...not by the color of their skin but the content of their character" - Martin Luther King.

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No one is saying clinical trials are a bad idea! We are saying compassionate relief with good (great) results can run in parallel to those clinical trials.

Behold Science.

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That's the biggest red pill I've ever gladly swallowed.

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It was never about women, victims or sexual assault; it was always about a political agenda and a near terminal case of TDS.

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On a scale we may never fully know. We will get anecdotal evidence that might suggest real numbers, hopefully GETOUS is getting better numbers and will tell us.

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