DotA-Life3 [S] 3 points ago

I'm in the nightlife/hospitality industry in South Florida and we don't have a choice. Clubs, bars, restaurants, arenas, sporting venues are set to be the last to open. Already, 2 nightclubs permanently closed their business for good after 10 years each. The owners of our establishment (major nightclub 40-50 employees) are shelling out up to $100K a month in rent, insurance and everything that it takes to run a business even in this closure. We already ran through the PPP for the employees. No more. We are furloughed once again and are instructed to collect unemployment once again. It's a complete nightmare. If this shutdown continues past July and into mid to late August, I'll look into changing careers/industry. I never thought that in the United States, a Deep State Hydra-like entity would destroy one of the most powerful countries in the world. The United States has given me everything I've always wanted. It's not wonder my family immigrated to this country in 1980. Almost all of my co-workers are MAGA too. We are all in shock but not really because we're all researchers and "conspiracy theorists" (I fucking hate that word) so we saw this coming. Good luck to all my Pedes.