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Cruz/DeSantis, then DeSantis/Noem, then we can run someone with Noem.

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I used to respect a "General Powell". Then I didn't anymore.

Now I do again.

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No, I want him to. Give us coordination, give us legitimacy, give us institutional support. Invoke the insurrection act, call up the militia, as is his power as President.

Nobody wants to go be a murderer. Conservatives care about the law. Almost all of us will wait and keep our powder dry until Trump calls for it to happen in the manner the constitution dictates.

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Kennedy's assassination was the beginning, that was when the deep state was born, and we lost control of our democracy. Trump's reelection is the end, when we take it back.

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Randy Quaid looks so much like Karl Marx, and is such a good actor, that he could probably convince lefties to support Trump.

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Any man who must say "I am the President" is no true President.

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