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Most frontiersman and laymen didn't even own slaves.

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Even here in CA where I live, when the riots started people began putting American flags and Thin Blue Line flags on their front yards and cars. There are a couple of houses on my street with two flags on their yard now haha! Feels good man.

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This phenomenon is finally getting recognition from Trump. Hopefully more will be done to fight against it soon.

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lol which ones. I posted this one on Kotaku In Action 2 before it got its own .win


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They will, which is why we must register as many voters as we can (for Trump, for Congress, for local elections, for school boards). I just contacted my county's GOP to ask whether I can set up tables to register people to vote. We should all be doing this right now.

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Great work! But man that's too bad. I just remembered that I made another account a while ago so I just posted the Daily Caller link. It's up!

Also, I remember eating huckleberry ice cream when I visited Yellowstone a couple of years ago. It was great!!!

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Quick someone post this to https://www.reddit.com/r/Israel/ cause I got banned for a similar post exposing black lives.

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