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I dont revere him at all, just thought it was funny too see people start to backpeddle that abandoned the idea that Trump will win

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" Trump had been expected to join his attorney Rudy Giuliani at a Pennsylvania Senate committee hearing in Gettysburg. However, the trip was called off after Giuliani was exposed to a second person who tested positive for coronavirus in just the last week "

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Obama appointed judge who intentionally made a media statement out of the dismissal

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Accomplished more in a 2 hour Webchat on their couch than the fbi, doj and gop combined

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Trump said it will be a few weeks while this all plays out, patience my friend.

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Facebook video explaining how the ccp controls the democrats

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Okay first time I saw it. I didnt think it was brand new because the content was mostly surrounding the laptop but wasn't sure if it was seen on here

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Apologies pedes I know we hate Facebook but I dont know how else to source the video havent seen it anywhere else.

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Can confirm thats true, i live in one of these cities under scrutiny for massive fraud and my Facebook was nothing but vote propoganda for a month straight

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If you post this on Facebook it gets removed for fake news, they don't debunk a single statement in the "fact check" but claim those are photos hopped Toronto raptor busses

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This girl is from my neck of the woods and is all over my facebook feed with shares, awesome too see it made it here as well