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For the lazies, basically the same bs we've been hearing. -No evidence found

-state electors under law passed after 2016 election must vote with the people (wtf is the point of an electoral college then if youre always siding with popular vote?)

-trump campaign can sue with evidence and contest, but legislature can't overturn

-barr didnt find evidence

-cant do so while state congress isnt in session

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Exactly. Someone, somewhere has it all. Especially in 2020. Data is everything right now.

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Well, hes not dead, so yea. I meant for timeline purposes, i thought he was sick like two weeks ago.

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Life in a nutshell. It was never meant to be easy.

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If he wants a 2024 shot, this is his chance to show us he can succeed Trump.

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Rofl i dont agree with you, but gave you an updoot for your rhymes. Thanks for the chuckle.

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Not even those fucking websites dude. Your isp has all of this shit.

Every.single.thing. that you've clicked on on the internet.

You clicked on brazilian fart porn once? Guess what, they know and WILL use it for blackmail if necessary.

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So anyways, i started arrestin

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Did people boo his ass off stage?

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Perdue saying theyll have an opportunity to accomplish things with the Biden administration that they couldnt with the Trump administration

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You're correct, I've brought this up as well. They're clearly in on the bullshit, but it's either them or letting the dems take control potentially forever going forward. Plus, if papa cleans this up by the senate runoff and everyone decides to boycott, theyre potentially screwing Trump for another 2 years.

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Dear wolfgang on bitchute convinced me. Hour and a half long massive red pill.

I thought I was beyond crazy after watching it.

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Once again, TDW is right for years about another RINO. Drives me up the wall when I watch liberal hivemind on youtube and he dick sucks Crenshaw.

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