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Seriously, I see this talk about a race war, and it's like, did the people trying to start this forget that there are more than just white and black people in this country, and pretty much everything in between those two hates black people?

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"hey, I just met you, this is crazy, but you're a racist, now fucking pay me"

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We had that for a while until Obama's traitorous ass fucked it all up!

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The building next to it burned down last month mysteriously, after the owner was having financial issues. Same thing happened to another business in the city nearby a few months ago, and it was blamed on the homeless, so payout.

Wouldn't surprise me if this was insurance fraud too. I mean the building next to this one burned down literally the month before and blamed it own the homeless. They'll probably do it again this time too.

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I live in the IE and was getting news about this from friends on their way to work when the fire was getting started.

This started around 5AM or so. I don't think this one was rioters, guys. The original talk was about it possibly being started by a faulty solar panel array because the original response was to a roof fire centered around the solar panel, and it quickly accelerated. Around 5AM is when you start getting light out here, solar panel could've been set up all fucky. Third party warehouse as well, not owned by Amazon.

It just doesn't seem like riots. We haven't been having any in this city since the middle of the week AFAIK. 5AM also seems way too early for those lazy assholes to be still out doing shit.

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One of the people that helped raise my a significant amount experienced first hand the National Guard being required to protect her fully-integrated school in the south.

She taught us never let anyone judge us by our skin color, no matter what it may be.

If she hadn't died years ago, she'd be heartbroken over what's happening rn.

She experienced real racism that threatened her life, and yet she held NO resentment for anyone with the same skin color as those that did that to her.

All these "oppressed" have no idea what it's like having people spit on you because you want an education with everyone else. They know NOTHING of oppression.

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Did he STRAIGHTEN HIS HAIR I thought that it was OPPRESSION to straighten your natural hair!

I thought he hated white people and their hairstyles!

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As soon as this shit spills to other cities there's gonna be serious issues. If they get rid of the police they need to go full Escape from New York and lock everyone in.

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Yeah I'm thinking I need to just completely disconnect from social media now.

Just talk to the few friends I have, keep my family close, and start spending a lot more time with my siblings.

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I hate this man so much

No care for the lives of anyone. These people are demons.

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This is the real quote from MLK, not that bullshit about riots being useful and shit that's being pushed all over social media by troglodytes.

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Isn't 'lifelong bachelor' code for something else...

'cause that 'something else' would definitely explain his allegiances.

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If someone tried that on me they'd be hearing ringing as their skull is shattered on the pavement for trying to blind me more than I already am

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Oh she certainly does.

She did a complete personality change once she started hanging out with these bums. Went from listening to decent music to posting all that bullshit violent rap crap, clearly thinks she's black now, posting pictures of herself and them hanging out in front of bars and at bus stops in the middle of the fucking day. She's just outright garbage now.

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Fuck these people. They deserve the stockades then the gallows.

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Someone that was a friend until a few days ago is calling white people "caucazoids" now.

Dumb white bitch. She thinks that just because she's dating a black guy that she suddenly has to hate her own people and that she'll be exempt from their hatred of her skin color. Racist cunt.

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