• Don't re-use your Reddit password (which the admins probably have access to), or ANY password. Make it unique for this site.

  • Don't reveal personal information. We saw CNN doxx a glorious meme-maker and see death threats against cops and Republicans/conservatives/pedes on Reddit daily

  • Beware click-jacking URLs. This site probably doesn't have the same security checks as Reddit does yet, and IP-harvesting URLs or malware domains probably aren't being automatically filtered.

  • Use the report deport button on trolls and bike-lock swinging soyboys.

You can bet that right now in Discord channels across the state of California jobless communists are reeeeeeeing and plotting how to infiltrate, DDOS, and take down this site. As we've seen time and time again, they'll go after its users, the hosting provider, its admins, and anything and everything they can. All because they can't stand the principle of free speech.


Considering something like 1% of the userbase must've moved over here so far, we're already at ~ +2,500 points on our top posts. Has this been said before? Fuck Reddit.


Californian Commie fucks will never win in their war against free speech