Donald4thewin [S] 1 point ago

A Win Dynasty is coming.

Donald4thewin [S] 1 point ago

I have heard about Juneteenth, just never the event for which it is named.

Donald4thewin [S] 7 points ago

So glad that evil Megyn Kelly has been driven out of the media. There’s one good thing those lying hacks at NBC accomplished.

Donald4thewin [S] 9 points ago

Try getting into the top Univ of CA schools with an ‘impacted’ major in STEM and business. Sure they have slots for California taxpayers majoring in journalism or dance but sell out of state tuition to other countries.

Donald4thewin [S] 1 point ago

Congrats to you. Safe journeys ahead.

Donald4thewin [S] 6 points ago

That awful Karen lady that called the cops on the black guy in Central Park was wearing a mask in a remote area.

Donald4thewin [S] 10 points ago

The site is the Daily Clown so probably a joke. But still entirely plausible

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