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Removed this post because this is a dox risk.

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Cleaned it up.

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DDoS is the big one today, but we're good now.

Thanks leftists, now we're more prepared for when it matters!

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Sorry, just playing with some things. Dumbass leftists have been giving us an opportunity to improve our defenses prior to when DDoSes would really matter.

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Should be fixed.

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There's rate limits for all users, but yeah, we need different rate limits for newer users. That'll happen at some point.

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There have been a few bad stickies, which we learn from. I'm not aware of any nazi content, though.

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This post was deleted:

As I said, I don't believe it should have been. That's the only deleted post I can see.

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Yeah, I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but there's a lot of fuckery around today.

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Numbered bullet items can't be used to format text

That's not true.

You pulled off three posts because it offended Chinese real estate frauds and deep state traitors.

I don't believe this is true either, but I will look into it.

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None of your posts have been removed.

Please tell me which ones have been incorrectly removed.

Edit: I've now removed this post as it's in violation of the "Questions and Concerns" rule.

All are free to PM me with concerns over how this site is being run.

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You've had one post deleted out of thirty. From a glance, it shouldn't have been removed, but it was formatted in a way that's virtually unreadable, so that was probably the reason.

What are you referring to?

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I'm saying, we're not on Reddit anymore and yet it feels like we are.

We're not fully here yet. We're in the middle.

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Shouldn't there be a weekly update on how this site is progressing?

Yes, I'll think about this.

Why not charge 10 bucks a month and get something not based on shtty, conformist, spaghetti code from Reddit? Just saying.

We're not going to monetize. We're also not based on Reddit's code.

Took a year to make this?

It did not.

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We use Cloudflare as our CDN, which is the concern some people have. They could kick us off, but they don't host any of our content so we wouldn't lose anything.

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It does.

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To be clear about what this is showing: Reddit now requires users be logged in and have a verified email to view the subreddit when using New Reddit. May also apply to the official app. May soon apply to Old Reddit.

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Yep, Reddit Inc have refused to fix that. I believe it's intentional.

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