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This is fixed in an update which will be deployed later today.

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Should be fixed when we deploy the next update. Unsure when that'll be.

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Is that a font, or freehand drawing?

Aware of this bug, it is on the list to fix.

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Checked that before posting this sticky - other .win sites are permitted.

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Although Twitter just shadowbanned our account in the last day or so - we no longer show up in search results (at least)

Take this quote from a recent tweet, no results: https://twitter.com/search?q=%22aforementioned%20evil%20social%20media%20companies%20want%20you%22&src=typed_query&f=live

Results might be different if you follow our account.

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Gab seems to be a much better product than Parler.

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Verified this before posting, you can link other .win sites.

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Could be, but I verified the basics -

  • they allow links to gnews.org (so it's not Hunter related)
  • they allow links to Pornhub (so it's not because we... allow NSFW content?)
  • they allow links to other .win domains (so it's not because of the gambling TLD)
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They shouldn't be banning links automatically based on reports, so if it's that, they're still massively flawed.

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Yes, this is a bug. Thanks, wasn't aware. Will fix it shortly.

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If you delete both of your 'WRM' cookies, then the next time you login, it'll stick.

However it's an issue that we should fix for everyone on our end, will try to do it today.

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this is a test

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We have discussed it very lightly with Epik's CEO. It's an option if the time came, but Cloudflare does its job as a CDN and DDoS mitigation very well.

BitMitigate has a few flaws which prevent it from being the clear best choice, like how it requires downtime to set up (if you direct a domain at it, your site will be nothing but a big advertisement for BitMitigate for 20-30 minutes), and the lack of control over blocking specific ASNs and countries.

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Our servers aren't all with the same host, because we don't want to be reliant on a single provider.

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It's a bandwidth issue for one (crucial) server which was capping out at about 500mbps.

No problems with scaling frontend.

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That was because we weren't autoscaling our frontend servers, and the right people weren't online to handle it within minutes. If we'd been online to click a few buttons to spin up some new servers, the site would've been all good.

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We're now quite well settled in a hybrid environment, with a number of dedicated servers which are adequate for a regular days' traffic, and then rely on cloud servers only when absolutely necessary. All together in a container orchestrator.

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Big ones coming. Election has been priority

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but this has happened many times

It has, but traffic has also been steadily rising (daytime hours are up 50% from last month) and the three debates (including VP) are many times bigger than anything we experienced before.

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