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That should be easy. I'll try to add it to the next update.

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Issue where inbox shows an unread message eternally should be fixed.

Let me know if anyone encounters this after this comment.

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I was able to get admin status on an account I had made as a parody and will likely get to hold the same title in one of my secondary accounts.

We don't have an admin role, so let's assume he's talking about being a moderator. All of our mods were /r/The_Donald mods, and we haven't added any to the team in months.

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The block functionality was added before we had the ability to exclude posts from listings. This meant that the only useful functionality we could give blocking, was to make it prevent blocked users from being able to reply to your comments, posts, and messages.

Now, you no longer see blocked users' posts in listings. You do still see blocked users comments, and there will be an update to change that. At that time, we'll remove the original blocking functionality, so users who you block can still reply to your posts and comments, but you will not see them.

I agree that the original implementation is shitty and wrong. I don't believe one user should have the ability to silence another, but I do believe a user should be able to ignore another.

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Nope, big success

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Yeah, we definitely need a work mode.

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Should be fixed

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What options specifically?

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Varies based on a few factors

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Ah shit. I am always breaking things.

Update: Should be fixed now.

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Part of today's update. It indicates that the user joined recently.

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Can you zip the png up (so that wherever you upload it does not do any processing on it) and send it to me?

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This site is literally no better than the reddit admins. Same problems here as with them: banning for disagreement, not responding to inquiries

What were you banned for? Personally, I do not think I could be any more responsive to inquiries.

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