Doggos [M] 5 points ago

Was just deploying a fix for Win hosted images.

That server uses Apache, which takes 20x longer to restart. Nginx master race.

Doggos [M] 6 points ago

The username switched from @TheDonaldReddit to @TheDonaldDotWin.

Doggos [M] 2 points ago

We're working on it.

PM Discord name if you want to discuss

Doggos [M] 13 points ago

If an existing anime community wants to join, they are welcome.

We are not currently open to creation of brand new communities.

Doggos [M] 13 points ago

Logo is being worked on.

If any developers wish to propose CSS changes for the default template, they're welcome. We didn't expect communities to go live without customizing their CSS.

Doggos [M] 72 points ago

If the original moderators of /r/frenworld want to do it, we can speed that one up.

Doggos [M] 35 points ago

Good question - and not one that I have a sufficient answer to, currently. Part of it is about avoiding getting Swartz'd.

We don't have any investors, and won't be reliant on advertisers.

Doggos [M] 333 points ago

Backlog is pretty long - this is happening.

[email protected] if you run a community that wants to leave its current platform.

Also - please, remember to spread these new Wins to people and groups who you think will enjoy them.

Doggos [M] 5 points ago

Currently, we're only accepting communities from other platforms.

Doggos [M] 5 points ago

Fixed on all Wins except The Donald, currently. Harder to update.

Doggos [M] 9 points ago

We'll have to rework that system. We currently don't track karma per-community, so it's not an easy fix. (karma is one of the factors in whether you're considered new)

Doggos [M] 8 points ago

The free real estate was last night, when the inbox was blowing up with communities concerned over the ban wave rumors.

Sucks that we missed the boat ever so slightly with /r/ConsumeProduct. Would have been a lot better to announce at prime time on their subreddit, with the site live.

Doggos [M] 165 points ago (edited)

This (it's on the sidebar)! We have GavinMcInnes.win as well, which we didn't get around to announcing via this site.

/r/GavinMcInnes was banned a few months ago at around 10K subscribers, the new /r/CensoredTV replacement is at around 2.5K. It's their official Win site.

Doggos [M] 4 points ago

We're accused of similar things, and worse - so these kind of accusations don't hold much weight. However, we aren't taking a side. Two similar communities are both welcome on Win.

Doggos [M] 19 points ago

This is by design, however we have some changes coming soon to address some problems, such as being unable to reply to notifications from one community in another.

Doggos [M] 12 points ago

If their mods want to support it (from a marketing perspective, not financially, of course)

Doggos [M] 57 points ago

Accounts work across all sites in the Win network. At current, you must authenticate separately with each Win site. Resolving this is high priority.

Doggos [M] 619 points ago

Note that we aren't picking sides for any potential issues. If two similar communities want to join, they are welcome.

Doggos [M] 6 points ago

122,000,000 views in 30 days. If this was a plot to make money, we would have started monetizing long ago.

Doggos [M] 3 points ago

That's by design, but if (when) we release a central domain through which we have an r/all equivalent, yes.

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