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Is it just me or does a hospital ship remind you too much of a cruise ship?

I would hope that a military hospital ship is equipped with a proper negative pressure air system because the military has to be able to deal with e.g. anthrax in wartime. I hope.

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I think I'd skip #7 for a couple of weeks.

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It may be prudent to consider the feasibility of remote voting for certain emergency situations, but that decision should be a multi-committee effort with substantial study and development. This change cannot be implemented overnight, and likely cannot be accomplished in time to address the current crisis," McGovern said in the report.

Our government completely failed to plan ahead for their own basic operations

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you can punch my daughter straight in the mouth, but if you smell her hair we're going outside

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Chloroquine has been used by pregnant women for 70 years for prevention and treatment of malaria.

It's probably the most widely tested drug on the planet.

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If Chloroquine drops the death and seriousness rate to that of the Flu, then we can drop all the pandemic crises, it'll just be the flu as many have been saying (wrongly so far).

If Chloroquine acts as a preventative, it'll drop Rho below one quickly dropping the infection rate to zero.

I'm betting China figured this out 3 weeks ago and didn't tell anyone.

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A great way to get Corona-Chan is to stand in line with a bunch of sneezing coughing disease spreaders.

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Post on Youtube, play on

Youtube pays and you get privacy and no ads

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If you can't make or laugh at sick jokes in a pandemic, you're going to damage your immune system from stress.

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I once sat next to a hypochondriac.

After 6 months of that, I can no longer stand the smell of Lysol. Makes me sneeze.

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ask your workplace if they increased the fresh air ratio in the conditioning system. Yes it'll cost more, but less likely to spread disease.

I hate being in buildings built in the 1980s. The ratio of of fresh air is terrible. Thank you Jimmy Carter

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Need to be able to clock in

The clock itself is a disease vector.

I agree company should pay you if you are there waiting in a line to have your temperature taken, but there is a logistics problem here.

You need to be checked before being inside with anyone.

There's a reason the drive through testing areas are all outside. Being cooped up in line with potentially sick people is a great way to make everyone sick

(The drive through testing area locally is a parking garage with constant fresh breeze at the University of Washington)

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If we delay long enough then we can have 50,000 old people who didn't die this year

If we delay long enough we can save Social Security.

Admittedly, it's the hard way.

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The normal Flu has a 4 months head start on the wu-flu

Hardly a fair comparison.

Let's compare on May 15.

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I got the PC "lecture" from a politically correct relative.

My reply was rather... spicy. It included these terms.

  • Wu-flu
  • Corona-chan
  • Kung-flu
  • Savior of Social Security
  • Wuhan Flu
  • Chinese Flu

what am I missing pedes, let's get the complete list.

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can't manage her dentures

Absolute verbal kill shot

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247295044 my sides left and achieved orbit

247295159 my sides have gone interstellar

I experienced this also

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you probably spend a lot more time setting up and running Grafana than you would have using cloudwatch, and it's probably more expensive too.

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I suspect the workings of the anti-immigrant certain member of the administration who used to work for Steve Bannon. It turns out he knows how to manipulate the system quite well. As long as it's in our favor, all good.

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you do realize downvoting posts is even more pointless over here.

It'd be even more pointless if downvoting a vote cost you karma, and negative karma would mean you can't downvote any more.

This is how Stack Exchange has worked for over 10 years.

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It's not a scandal. Such mild malfeasance is normal in that culture.

Don't you respect their culture? Shame on you!

Spez: inb4 muh racism:

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yep, is seriously out of date

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