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Trump letting this fester is showing everyone exactly what we'll get if we continue to let the leftists win.

I say, let it fester, let idiots who live or go there die.

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Chad Version: My life matters. I don't GAF about yours

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I used to shoot so much I got a membership.

Then I found a spot in the woods, where I can set up metal plates.

Gun range is kinda boring after hearing the gongs going off.

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It'll be the protestor's grandmothers dying.

The protestors are mostly young, they have little to fear from the Chyna virus

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My hand washing recital is Psalm 23.

I think I'll have to add Isaiah 41:10 for when I'm in a hurry.

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pay no attention to the denominator. See, look at this shiny numerator.

Poster is numerate. Posting funny numerate jokes.

Love it. Thank you.

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more people now have the rona antibody.

Summer is nature's live virus vaccine

Only reason we are noticing anything is artificial tests, the PCR test.

Did you know the inventor of the PCR test who got a Nobel Prize was completely opposed to diagnostic testing using the PCR test? Learned that today.


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wait, you haven't visited a pot shop the same day as a gun shop?

more freedom needed apparently.

I suggest turning your phone off if you were to do such a thing.

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if you mix up the whiskey and the Hoppes #9, you might be drinking too much while cleaning.

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I think even the sharpshooters have found out that over-cleaning the guns isn't good for them or the gun's accuracy.

AR? Clean bolt every 10 mags. Full strip clean every 100 mags. (No, not CA/NY mags, the real 30 round mags).

For a gun that has seen WW1, WW2, etc, I suspect a strip down every 1000 rounds. 1000 rounds of 0.45 is about 2 years for me.

Then there's my Ruger Model III. No stripping down until it just won't work any more, because putting it back together sometimes takes a gunsmith. I really need to get the newer model. So much better ergonomics.

Drop gun in the dirt while hunting? Yeah, you'd better clean at least the barrel and the action.

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social media is shit

I can't argue much with that. It's true.

As far as "take it or leave it", the adult thing to do is to block the person who is annoying you, not ban them from the platform.

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This said, the way most people use masks actually encourages infection.

Yes, that's what Fauci said three months ago.

He was probably right. I teleconferenced into a relative at a hospital and the nurse who took the Zoom call had her mask half off and fiddled with it while she talked to me to set up the call. Presenting my relative with a laptop that had is mouth droplets spewed all over it.

When my sterile technique for visiting a grocery store is better than a nurse's at a hospital, it's clear that wearing anything is largely useless or possibly more harmful.

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If I test positive for antibodies,

They aren't using anti-body tests, they are using PCR tests, which have some unknown exponential multiplier, and consequently a likely high false positive rate.

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I dunno, I’ve had plenty of farts that traveled on “water” droplets.

That definitely clears the room

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Our Civil War campfires are gonna be the funniest.

That's the blackest white pill I've seen in a while.

or wait, the whitest black pill? I can't decide.

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You can't just tell these people to stay home.

Hahaha, where have you been for 3 months.

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The only problem with blasphemy laws is how often they’re overused in cases where it can’t be proven

It's really not that gosh-darned hard to not blaspheme in Christianity. The rules are simple.

And this is a Christian nation. I don't give a crap what the Muslims think is blasphemy.

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As someone put it:

You can have the blasphemy laws of Satan or the blasphemy laws of God. Choose wisely

Freedom of speech has always had limits. In the 1800s, blaspheming God, pornography, libel/slander, and falsely yelling fire in a crowded theatre are all banned forms of speech.

What we should have is transparency of the rules. No double-top-secret probation.

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Then again, if Danica found fixings for a sandwich.

Well she'd probably just make a sandwich.

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His new career is race hustler

I don't think that's very new

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