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Pretty undeniable that he's one of the most successful men in the history of the world. Winning the presidency is a big cherry on top.

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Trump overcomes WuFlu in 10 days. Media quit talking about skipping the other debates. Biden tries to back out of the second one but can't look weaker than a guy who just recovered from the WuFlu.

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No you fool, this already happened. Muh white supremacist was on trial for something and the max punishment was the death penalty. Trump publicly stated he should get the death penalty.

PS I said fool in a friendly way. It did sound like that but not the case.

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What's the difference between the wishing of death on RBG and celebration of her death? Sorry but most people here pretending they are offended now is laughable.

"Ding dong the witch is dead"

"Grim Reaper Pepe : "soon""

Be consistent.

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No, I'm not really worried about name calling. But lol at anybody here being offended at them hoping Trump dies when we did the same thing. I know your point but that's not really the issue here. The issue here is people being offended at something we did just weeks and months ago. So cool post bro but not the issue.

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Would've been nice if we the high ground and didn't wish death on RBG for a year and celebrate when she died. But I got called a cuck for pointing out that it did nothing but make us look bad. We're hypocrites if we cry about them wishing death on Trump.

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Drumpf has a cold, is this the end of Drumlfkle

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