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Can someone explain to me the whole crab thing?

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Daily reminders for 7/30/20:

1.) Epstein didn't kill himself

2.) Remember Seth Rich

3.) COVID-19 is being used as a tool to steal the 2020 election

4.) Where's Hunter?


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This president on another level man.

Spicy way to start the weekend!

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I am about 75% through #1315.

At this point, I am all in too. With the vast size of space, it is statistically impossible for us to be alone in the universe.

There are literal BILLIONS of galaxies, which alone contain billions and trillions of stars, that themselves could each hold several planets.

We are definitely not alone, and I wouldn't be surprised if we already encountered some of that technology already.

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Just imagine the shit we DON'T know.

Can't imagine the state of the world, or this country if Trump wasn't in office.

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I was there for that rally!!

Girlfriend and I got to our hotel at 5pm the night before. Took a walk to scope out the scene too. Once we saw the crowd people, we looked at ourselves and said, "we might have to camp the night".

Glad we did, because that morning was PACKED.

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I saw a pro Biden bumper sticker in Connecticut.

Me and my based girlfriend just laughed.

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Looks like she locked her post about it:


Fucking coward.

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Saw him at the NJ rally last year. Literally 30 feet in front of me.

This man has a aurora around him. The money I would give to just hug this fucking man.

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What pisses me off is that the MSM is going to use this:

"You see!? Biden has a huuuuge Grass Roots movement! No need to prove with rallies or debates! Biden will win!"

I hope we stomp them in November.

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At first I was against leaving Reddit and moving here.

Boy was I WRONG

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it really is a shame that they decided to stop. I was looking forward to the Boo series.

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Off topic, but if you haven't seen DBZ Abridged by Team 4 Star on YouTube, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

Oh, and Michelle Obama is a man.

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