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To answer your question seriously, I think the general population is brainwashed to the point where that step is already complete and they're moving on to the next phase.

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What Constitution? We lost all our rights in March 2020. The Founding Fathers would have massacred everyone who helped implement and facilitate the lockdown.

We are not fighting to save America. We are fighting to regain control of the territory where America once stood.

Also, for no reason at all, look up Weimar Germany in the 1920s. Then look at 2020's America.

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I think the general consensus at this point is we're hanging on by a thread and if Biden is elected America falls. That's not an exaggeration. We essentially lost all our rights the past few months and already live in a police state.

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The opposite is true. BLM are Marxists and Nazis were Nationalists. Mein Kampf lays out the blueprint for destroying Marxism. It's literally the entire reason the Left attacks us and why a black Philadelphia Eagles player was just crucified for "anti-Semitic" posts. Even on CNN. If this were Nazi Germany, George Soros would be wearing stripped pajamas and his assets seized.

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BLM is a Marxist revolutionary organization so put 2 clasped hands rubbing together and you have your meme.

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Of course it's a white girl. As always.

This is why it's so hard to type comments online half the time. What else am I supposed to say here other than that extreme violence is warranted for literally every person involved in creating this. I really wish we could accelerate things to the point where right wing death squads purge the West of all those who promote and facilitate Liberal degeneracy.

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People benefiting from Capitalism and the free market should not be allowed to promote Marxist ideology. Jeff Bezos is the greatest example of why democracy does not work. He became the richest man on earth based on right wing free market principles/values and then does everything in his power to undermine them. It's unacceptable and people like him belong in reeducation camps. He worked hard, made his fortune, but does not deserve the right to attack American values.

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Let me get this straight. You think white Liberals being run over by their pets is funny?

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You missed the point. Don Lemon is literally a professional actor and we have no idea what his opinions are. He could like President Trump for all we know. That's not an exaggeration either. Also, I believe Chris Cuomo doesn't buy the anti-white rhetoric he spews on CNN. That 'Fredo' footage shows he's proud to be Italian.

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You ever see those Florida videos of naked crackheads fighting off 10 policemen for 30 minutes while being tazed and using both hands to jerk off with?

No. But what a great sentence that is. Got my imagination going 😦

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Wouldn't be problem if the law was on our side. Looters and rioters would be shot dead on the spot. The problem is the government supports them.

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Get the hell outta hear with all that common sense and logic 😠😠😠😠😠

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