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Who cares. Bashing Tucker is pitiful and makes us look like we're in a cult. The man had to sell his house bc he was constantly being doxxed. Meanwhile everyone on here is anonymous and think they have some moral superiority over him.

It's like when all the cowards on /pol/ call anyone who suggets taking action a glowie. Go put your face out there before judging the soldiers actually fighting on the battlefield.

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I had a dream of getting onstage here. Joker is my favorite movie and Kinison, Hicks, Dice, ect performed at this club. All the comics says things like "Covid killed it." when a club closes.

Oh yea? Covid wiped out so many people that there's not enough customers and comics to do comedy and buy tickets?

Democrats killed it you fucking retards. Rodney would be in tears.

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Don't bother mentioning jail for Democrats. They're omnipotent and wishful thinking gets us nowhere.

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In New York City, Democrats are simply, 'The Party'. They call the shots.

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On a side note, Andrew Cuomo has the most terrifying face I've ever seen.

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It works on my roommate's phone. I think it's bc I have a VPN. I can't post to /pol/ either πŸ˜”

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imagine how Trump feels. Don't be a snowflake. If we go to war there will be much more stress than this fren

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I checked your post history again. Do you work for the company in question?

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I had to click on your account and you're actually a Trump supporter? Any company that supports Kyle is taking a massive risk of being destroyed by Democrat terrorism. It is literally the OPPOSITE of opportunism.

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