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Make all of them submit their td.win usernames and check their post history, lol

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There was a massive Chinese presence at the maga march. A lot of them hate CCP with a passion matched only by our love of Trump. Those based chinese should get citizenship when we ship the commies back.

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As you said, if there irregularities they can 100% send whoever they want. There are definitely irregularities, lets hope they're brave!

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No security features, they were gonna be serialized and barcoded, but governor wolf threatened to veto any legislation that added that feature.

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Rudy just requoted it at 2:40:00 in, haven't found the original yet (got distracted by GEOTUS)

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Do you have a timestamp for the 2.5/1.8 number? That's major redpill stuff

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Best I can find is old stats: https://thedonald.win/p/4KBCzh7/the-donald-receives-148-million-/

Over a million unique visitors/day BACK IN MARCH. It's probably 10m by now.

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It's just a fancy word for saying they put an inert, stable, weird-shaped molecule in there. That way you can track which batch a certain vaccine came from if you throw it under a $$$$$ microscope.

It breaks down in your body, it can't be used to track you, nothing like that.

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Court agrees there's evidence of fraud.

It's a sign the courts might not all be compromised.

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"There is bullshit here, and you can't certify the vote until we review all the evidence of bullshit on Friday"

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Yeah. If we could check /who/ we voted for after the fact I'd have a lot more trust in the system. As is we have to hope nobody replaced, cured, or tweaked our ballots.

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You only need a few specialists on the team and a bunch of general lawyers - 99% of the work is identical, election law or not. I assume they've hired the best specialists to advise on the key matters.

Rudy is barely even doing lawyer work at this point, he's more like a general, managing and directing the troops doing the ground work, so it's more important that he knows how to manage teams (like the huge team needed to take on the mafia) than know the specifics of election law.

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They want us to "come together" at "unity camps" where we can be "healed and educated"

They won't get it, but that's what they dream of.

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I have a friend who exterminated his pigs like that. A week of baiting the trap before it was even armed to get them comfortable and so they would all go in together. Then a few more nights waiting for the perfect moment and bang bang it was over in a few minutes.

I guess it really depends whether you're trying to solve a problem or have a fun night.

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Hell yeah. Throw this where the party hats are. This pic gets me pumped every time I see it.

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