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They can’t handle how worthless and dumb they actually are.

For some odd reason they really dislike that observation too.

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I think it’s a constitutional miracle that 250 years later we can sit here and discuss what branch causes the most damage exactly as were expected to.

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I have links on my old phone I’ll have to charge it up. They cover basic methodology and a based scientist presentation.

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Have you met the average marketing professional? 😂

They peddle in bullshit and don’t believe or understand most of what they’re working on.

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That’s what should change and why we should start using it. Everyone else does, literally only white peoples are too scared to say nigger.

I’ve had good experiences with black people too, I don’t believe they’re a monolith anymore than whites or Asians.

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Culture and stupidity that’s treated special and different because theyre black.

Did you know that in majority black areas they don’t suspend the kids for fighting? Too many fights, it becomes a truancy problem. I experienced it fist first.

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Fuck that nonsense nobody talks about hate in the heart of blacks, they reframe it as society’s problems when they’re hateful and violent. Why am I so special that I’m especially responsible for my hate and violence?

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You think the Boondocks INVENTED nigger moments?

DUDE why do you think it’s in that show in the first place????

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Wrong. I guarantee you 100% they could have avoided dying if they were adequately fearful and cognizant.

Guarantee you that words were exchanged before bullets.

You’re a complete fool if you think it was random

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I’ve lost track of the number of “conspiracy theories” that have become obvious and evidenced events to me now.

When I got to critically researching climate change for the first time a couple years ago everything began to crumble.

“Wait a minute... I’m literally paid lots of money to analyze and digest information... I can probably figure out what’s going on in climate research.” Days later I’m pacing and ranting like a madman around the house about how much could I possibly be missing if THIS was a lie? Seriously broke me for a week or so coming to terms with it.

Leaky Ice cores and new trees, that’s how you’ll know how much carbon was in the air thousands or millions of years ago EYEROLL. Sensors placed almost exclusively around concrete structures to determine local temperatures and draw historical records PUKE. Satellites looking down at a giant, layered, flowing mix of gas guessing at the temperature by pretending that it all averages out YAWN. Creating projections based on the largest incidental changes you can find then extrapolating FALLS OVER AND DIES.

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Ok what? Are you helping the blind?

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“Amazing and perfect” -what we call someone who is both qualified and cares about the work they’re doing.

Damn our bar is low.

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Don’t bother “trying” to believe IMO. There’s a lot more perspectives than the American Christian which aren’t even a single consistent group to begin with. I fell into my beliefs from atheism over time. I’m sure they’re still changing.

There doesn’t have to be a magical man in the sky for God to be real. God is everything we don’t comprehend as well as the acknowledgment that everything we do matters. When you sneezed this morning you irreversibly changed the universe, imagine how much order and chaos you can beget in those terms.

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